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Post of the Week: Lockups & Bluescreens Got Ya Down?

bluescreen.jpgAre blue or black screens plaguing your notebook PC? Maybe you were just working away on an important email when the dreaded Blue Screen of Death (BSOD)popped up out of nowhere, causing you to lose an hour or more of work?


The good news is that we are here to help!


Read on to learn more about HP's Online Crash Analysis Team and how they are involved in our Post of the Week, an online crash reporting tool.

Post of the Week...

speedy.JPGWhen you need customer service support from a company, whether it's phone or online chat, how long do you typically wait for help?  10 minutes?  20?  30?  Sometimes even a whole hour, right?  I once waiting on hold for 45+ minutes just to order a part for my broken doorknob.


Well the Consumer Support Forum might just be the best way to go, because often, an answer will be given in just a couple of minutes... in true Disney's Speedy Gonzales style! 


In this week's showcased post, we'll see an example of just that - an answer was received in only 6 minutes.  Continue reading to learn more.

Post of the Week....

transfers.jpegDid you know you can print more than just regular old documents on your HP printer?  We all know that printers can be used to print labels or photos or letters or bank statements, but what else can they do?


This week we highlight a post where a crafty forum member asks how to do just that.


Read on to learn about printing iron-on transfers and more.

Post of the Week...

sandiegoc.jpgExpert Day ended yesterday, and what a day it was!  It really was a "Big Bang" of an event, with greater than 135,000 people showing up on the English Consumer Forum, and more than 200 Experts logged in to solve problems.  See the pic on the right for a handful of the Experts who were helping out.


If you missed Expert Day, don't worry, we'll be having another one in January - bookmark this page, and we'll post information as soon as it is available.

We always have Experts out on the forum though, so feel free to ask away.  You can also search for an answer, because chances are your issue has already been solved by the Community.


This week, our showcased post comes from Expert Day.  We solved all types of issues during the event.  Everything from simple questions, such as "Where do I buy a power cord?" to more complicated BIOS requests, like this one.


Post of the Week...

music.JPGDo you remember when 500 megs was considered a HUGE amount of computer storage space?  Well now, with the large file sizes of video, music, and photos, we can't get enough hard disk space.


SoundSeven, in this week's showcased thread, was seeking assistance in installing a THIRD hard drive on his desktop PC, but since his computer only has two bays for hard drives, he was having trouble.


In less than 2 hours, Big_Dave was on the case with several suggestions for SoundSeven.


Post of the Week...

book.JPGRemember the days when electronic products came with thick, wordy manuals?.  Well, no longer.  Nowadays, product manauals can be easily found online if you know where to look.  Not only will your e-manual never get lost, it saves valuable space in your home, and it's a much "greener" option too!


This week I've highlighted a post where Mumbodog only typed a couple of words, yet he still helped answer a member's question.   If you're wondering how this is possible, read on to learn more.


Post of the Week...

backofcomputer2.jpgPerforming upgrades to a home PC can be a challenging and daunting undertaking.  Deciding WHAT to upgrade can often be more confusing than actually making the improvements.


In this week's featured thread, karen445 expressed an interest in installing a better graphics card and power supply in her desktop computer. 


Hanspuppa makes the process for karen445 much easier by providing specs for her HP computer, information about the video card, recommendations, and possible issues that may arise.


Post of the Week...

detective.JPGAsking a good question is often just as important as the answer that follows, and this week's featured post highlights just that.


After performing a system recovery, stratogustav couldn't locate his important files; family photos, music, and videos could not be found in his "My Documents" folder, where they had been previously.


CherylG jumped in to help with the issue, and in this series of posts, stratogustav did a fantastic job of not only explaining to CherylG about the problem, but SHOWING her as well.


Post of the Week...

top20_2010-12-17.JPGCheck out the top 20 posters this week!  Big_Dave is #1 for the 2nd week in a row - you rock, Big_Dave!  Thank you to everyone else who helped someone out this week. This forum wouldn't be the award-winning community that it is without each and every one of you.


This week's featured post by Daniel_Potyrala discusses a customer's issue getting wireless working after losing his drivers during a Windows 7 installation.


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