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Z3200 Banding

Whenever I print an image with a smooth greytone gradient in it, I get banding across the gradient. I have tried printing 8-bit jpegs and 16-bit tiffs, but this makes no difference. The images look fine on screen, the problem only occurs when they are printed on the Z3200. I am using printer profiles created by the printer.

Any ideas out there?

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Re: Z3200 Banding



Try printing the image diagnostic page.

That will tell you if there is a printhead problem and what printhead.


To print it at the printer panel go to:

 - Image Quality Maintenance

 - Print Diagnostic Page


If the diagnostic page show a printhead problem with a lint free cloth damp with water clean the electrical contacts on the printheads and the carriage. Then print the diagnostic page again to see if the problem is fixed or any improvement.

Also, try doing a printhead cleaning (also under Image Quality Maintenance).


If the printhead problem persist after the cleaning, check the warranty of the printhead. If it is in warranty contact HP to have it replace under warranty.


If the problem is paper advance :

- Perform a paper advance calibration (also under Image Quality Maintenance)

- Use another paper preset

- Use another roll of paper


If you could, share the diagnostic page, sample of the issue and the configuration pages if the above do not fix your problem.

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Re: Z3200 Banding

I've done a full printhead clean, and printed a diagnostic page, which looks fine. I've also tried printing with a different paper preset, but the problem is still there.

When I print a grey gradient - eg a darkened edge vignette on a black and white print, instead of the greys changing smoothly from light to dark, there are abrupt changes from one grey tone to another - a bit like posterisation.

I suspect that this could be a problem with the printer profile, but I am using one made by the printer.


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Re: Z3200 Banding



Can you please check on our printer if you have any demos? If you have a PS model, you should.

And print the B & W demo


If you get the same results what you have is a starvation issue, sometimes this is hard to detect on the diagnostic page. 

If you have a starvation problem the most common cause are the printheads.


here are other posible cause:


- Electrical problem

  - Printhead. The printhead stops firing ink

  - Dirty Flex Contacts on the carriage

  - A electrical problem with the Carriage PCA, Trailing Cable, Main PCA


- An ink flow problem

  - Printhead. The printhead stops firing ink

  - Ink cartridges does not supply ink to the tubes

  - ISS not pumping ink from the cartridges

  - Ink tubes damage


I hope this helps to sort the problem.


Best regards

Mike G

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