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Designjet T2500 eMFP: not printing

Hi Board

I have installed a Designjet T2500.

All went fine, but now the printer will not respond to printjobs.

I  have reset the connectivity and changed the IP addresses. It will print for a few days then stop responding.

Here is what is puzzling: when it does not respond to the test page in the drivers, it will print from the Web Page.

so while the drivers shows processing, if i go to the web page via the IP address and goto accounting and reprint a drawing it will print.

i can ping the IP address.

i can connect via the same PC using the internet expolorer.

i have changed drivers, usung both universal and the latest T2500 driver.

i have upgraded to the latest firmware and HP have replaced the Network Board.

i have set the IP address to Manual, i have also Reserved the IP address.


Any ideas, thanks in advance.



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Re: Designjet T2500 eMFP: not printing

What kind of network setup is this installed on?  The reason I ask is I had an intermittent printing issue with one of these and it turned out to be a bad switch on the customers network that was sending intermittent packets.  Have you tried connecting directly to the printer via a crossover cable?

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Re: Designjet T2500 eMFP: not printing

Hi Timwj

i gave that a thought but, because the pc can print through the web and all the hardware is the same as printing from the driver and i can always ping the IP, i crossed it off.

The error must lie in what the driver does differently to the web printing.




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Re: Designjet T2500 eMFP: not printing

Web printing is driverless, and since you've done all the typical things, I'd be trying something I hadn't tried before.
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Re: Designjet T2500 eMFP: not printing

Hi gringod,


I agree with timwj1. 

There could be a switching issue, regarless you can ping and print from the EWS, I seen before.


Also try the following:


- Include the DNS on the network configuration, sometimes this helps.

- A DHCP configuration

- Disconnect the printer and ping, this will tell you if the IP is duplicated. Sometimes users just take an IP address to connect their oun computer at work and use a manual IP. seen this too...  :s

- A different network cable

- A peer to peer connection between the printer and a computer using a network cable. You dont have to use a crossover cable. The network card on the pritner will do the convertion to prevent crashes on the packages.


I hope that helps


Best regards


Mike G

Best regards

Mike G

I'm an HP Inc employee. But my response is not in behalf of HP Inc
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Re: Designjet T2500 eMFP: not printing

I had an issue where print jobs would take hours to start printing, using the T2500 specific drivers. The resolution was to delete the old printer, driver and port, add the universal designjet driver, and add the printer with this driver, then restart the print spooler. If you still have issues then change the windows print server's print spool location, reboot, then readd the drivers and ports etc....


For some reason certain drivers mess up the windows print spooler to where a complete removal like this is needed. (The Laserjet P2035 is one that comes to mind - we usually use the 2015 driver in it's place or the laserjet universal driver). Or perhaps the issue is that the universal driver doesn't work well with the discrete (device specific) T2500 driver. This document explains it in more detail:



Designjet Universal Print Driver System Administrator’s Guide

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