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HP 2710 Monitor VESA Mounting

The 2710m sales information & manual reflects that the monitor can be mounted with a standard 4 hole VESA mounting adapter. This is geat. The manual states the user should remove the cover on the back of the monitor to expose the 4 hole mounting. Well, this is not accurate. Remove the cover and there is no 4 hole pattern like the manual suggests. The unit can be mounted with a 4 hole VESA solution with standoffs with a 200 x 100 pattern if 4 of the 6 screws in the back are removed. The manual should be corrected to report the current model. I suspect the documentation was leveraged from previous models but not properly updated for the 2710m. Upon receiving the monitor one of my first tasks was to remove the base and mount the arm. My initial response was dismay as I have a solution that pretty much demands the unit be mounted on a swing arm. Well, I am not one to easily give up so I pondered the problem & studied the back of the unit a bit. The six screws beneath the cover are 6 mm screws, I guess, so with standoffs it does appear to be possible. I was able to solve the problem but for an average user this would have probably resulted in a support call. An FAQ would be great if the documentation is not corrected so users that require wall mounting can get it done. Just an observation. The monitor has a great picture for the price. The real push buttons for control are excellent and much better than touch buttons in my opinion. Overall a great product for the money. It just needs the attention to documentation for perfection.

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Re: HP 2710 Monitor VESA Mounting

Send your solution to HP Support.

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Re: HP 2710 Monitor VESA Mounting

You bet ya. HP monitors the support forums and should see the post. It is not a high priority bug or anything. I thought putting the post out here might help others that pick up the 2710m. It is a really beautiful monitor and the minor inconvenience detracts a little. If my post helps a few people get around the mistep in documentation great. If it really matters to HP they will update the FAQs or documentation to reflect how it really is. If it was a serious bug I would report it to HP with an email to It is not a software bug so I feel the post on the support forum should be enough.

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Re: HP 2710 Monitor VESA Mounting

I agree it's a great monitor. The picture is fantastic!!


I just hope they fix the Power Button lockout problem. I had to take my first 2710m back to the computer store for an exchange today.


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Re: HP 2710 Monitor VESA Mounting


I have a 2710 as well and wish to arm mount - found the same data in the manual as others.

Please post additional info about your solution, if possible pictures.

Thank you -

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