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HP H9 1215T Video Card GT630 GT630(OEM) GT630Cheetah

1) Seeking more info on the GT630 Cheetah 2 Video card that came with my

HP h9 1215T Win 7 64 bit computer.


2) The information below was sent to me as the only info available on the GT 630 that was in the

computer.  I went thru much discussion with HP Sales as to the exact video card that would come with my computer,

as I thought I was getting the GT630 DP ( dual port) that was represented on the Hp site.

             Cheetah 2  --- ((((   exact copy of data sent from HP tech support ))))

1 - HDMI
2 - DVI

Maximum resolution:
HDMI: 1920 x 1080 (up to 1080p)
DVI (dual-link): 2560 x 1600 x 32bpp @ 60Hz (up to 1080p)
Analog VGA: 2048 x 1536 x 32bpp @ 60Hz (using adapter cable)

2 GB onboard memory
64-bit memory size

Blu-ray Disc support
Total power consumption 50 W maximum
Active cooling fan at dynamic speed
Up to two displays at the same time in these configurations: DVI+HDMI and HDMI+VGA (using adapter cable)



3) The card that actually came with the 1215T is not like the four GT 630s on the Nvidia site.

The card I have is known as a Cheetah 2 according to HP tech Support ; the card is red rather than green but it has the

shape of the NVidia GT630 OEM.  I was disappointed to find it is of the 64 bit type rather than the more

standard 128Bit ( or higher). 


4) Had it not supported my 2550X1400 monitor, I would have returned the computer.  But it be working good and

plays Blu Ray quite well.

The red color GT 630 Cheetah has only two ports, as the NVIDIA 630 (OEM) has three ports.


-------So if anybody has any further detailed data on this red Cheetah 2 GT 630 card, please advise.



BevyGoodGirl   Dec 02  2013   


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Re: HP H9 1215T Video Card GT630 GT630(OEM) GT630Cheetah

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The following link shows its specs:


   HP Pavilion HPE h9-1215t Phoenix Product


also the following link:


It says you can configure: (It's a CTO machine)




Many vendors use Nvidia chips such as Asus, MSI, Gigabyte ...  and they can modify to suit their markets. I believe Cheetah is the name of the motherboard, not the video card.







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Re: HP H9 1215T Video Card GT630 GT630(OEM) GT630Cheetah

No doubt the RED video card that came to me has a GT630 Nvidia chip on it.


Since it has only 2 output ports ( HDMI and DVI), it does not match up to any specs I have seen on

NVIDIA site.  HDMI seems capable only to 1080P and not higher resolution.


Amazon sells a CHEETAH GT630 but they have no picture or specs.


I have a JPEG of the card but can't figure out how to show it on this here discussion board.


This RED GT630 does work AOK at 2550X1400 on the DVI-DL port.


I was expecting a non-knockoff video card from HP but it does work, so I cannot complain.


I have no idea what I would have gotten if I  ordered the GT 680 option.


Just sharing the facts and seeking more info if spec data is available.


BevyGG  12 3 2013 

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Re: HP H9 1215T Video Card GT630 GT630(OEM) GT630Cheetah

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BH -- the motherboard is a Formosa.



The reference to Cheetah is valid, it's an OEM HP part number that referred to the graphic card. That means it was specifically manufactured for HP, and has been spec'd to their cost/requirements. I did find 64 and 128 bit Cheetah's here. but again, HP spec'd a different set of outputs. I found the 'red' version here. It has the 2 ports.

Sorry this does answer all your questions, but hopefully you have been helped.

I am a volunteer. I am not an HP employee.
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Re: HP H9 1215T Video Card GT630 GT630(OEM) GT630Cheetah

Have hit the WHITE STAR and Slution Complete


thanks for all you alls input and help


My bad ----assumed GT630 would be the GT 630 DP Dual port  which is the


only GT 630 on the HP site.  Seems like HP would fully disclose all info on


cards and options available.  The computer 1215T is quite excellent and 


have added RAM. BD writer, and more Barracuda HDs.  Expansion is 


easy to do.  So glad to have WIn 7.


You all do a great job on the forums ---good to have ability to confer with


experts !!  really   !!!!


Have a great day    BEVY

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Re: HP H9 1215T Video Card GT630 GT630(OEM) GT630Cheetah

Thank for finding the link to the card with red color and 2 ports.


Hp tech support and sales told me I had a much better card with 3 ports ( they


were beginning to think I was crazy.   Amazing, they asked me to send back the red GT630 and they


would send me the "correct" GT630 with 3 ports. I am happy.


They sent me another red GT630 2 ports via mail !!  HAHAHAHAH  what a riot !!!


So I just sent it back and quite the effort since the dang thinf did have DVI-DL that worked.


So again, HP should should give the proper details on their computer components.  I spent many


hours detailing spec'ing to establish what I was getting and got only two surprises, so In the modern world


that's is typical.


YEAH ------------I remember BF Skinner.  what a champ !!


Anyway, the h91215T is superb !!! age 62 last computer I willl ever buy.


---------------Got WIN 7 runnning on a SR1550X 2GB and all my winXP troubles are left behind.

It is doing quite well for its extreme age.  Kudos to HP again.


Ya'll be good and too many KUDO bars is bad for you ; be careful---------but then

again so is too much water.


BEVYGG May 19 2014

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