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Monitor and system wont "wake up" from sleep

I tell my story so that others may not feel as though they are alone in their perdicament. My Story starts like this:


I bought the m9520f and and the w2408h this past Saturday and have been enjoying the PC immensely. I really like HP and would not consider buying from another manufacturer - even with the troubles I am about to relate. Everything was working well until Sunday evening when I placed the system in "sleep mode" and returned about an hour later. I had placed the system in sleep mode before but had returned to it several inutes later. But this time after leaving the PC in sleep mode for an hour, the system would not turn back on. The lights on the PC itself would come on (from the "sleep" green color to "blue") but the Monitor would refuse to wake up. I called support and even they could not figure it out. We tried disconnecting the pc and all its cords but nothing was working. I conected the monitor to my other pc and it worked well so I knew there was nothing wrong with the monitor. Earlier on Saturday the PC would not recognize the monitor's driver so maybe that had something to do with it. Hmmm. When I would disconect the monitor the PC would come on and he lights on the keyboard would as well. When I connected the monitor the PC's lights would come on but the keyboard lights would not. Strange. The monitor would imediately go into sleep mode as soon as I connected the HDMI or VGA - in fact right before it would do so the Monitor's OSD would inidcate that niether the HDMI or VGA were connected (which they were physically). So I knew the monitor was not recognizing the conection. The communication between the Monitor and the PC must have been causing this. After about 45 times of turning the monitor and PC on and off, the monitor FINALLY recognized that there was a connection and my PC turned on - WHEWWW. I was scared I was going to have to argue with the Circuit City people for an exchange. I still dont know what happened but all I know is that I am NEVER going to put this monitor or PC on sleep in the future. Here are the symptoms I experienced in case anyone else out there is in the same perdicament. It sounds to me as though this can be cured with a software update - but I am not smart enough to kow for sure:


Clue #1: PC would not recognize the monitor's driver

Clue #2: This happened after leaving the monitor and PC in "sleep mode" for more than 30 minutes

Clue #3: The PC turns on (blue power light, green stable, non-blinking light on the back, and dvd drive opens) but the monitor stays on sleep

Clue #4: The Monitor refuses to recognize that it is "connected"

Cue #5: The PC "hangs" as a result and refuses to turn on (sort of caught in between being on and "asleep")

Clue #6: When the PC finally did trun on the driver and software that came with the monitor that it would not recognize on Saturday was gone from PC (hmm - I chose not to reinstall it)


My recommendation: DO NOT try to install the driver that comes with your monitor and DO NOT put your system in "sleep mode" for more than 15 minutes.


My system: Pavilion Elite m9520f with the 24 inch w2408h monitor.     

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Re: Monitor and system wont "wake up" from sleep

HP said that the software disc that comes with every hp monitor should only be used if the driver/software needed whn connecting the HP LCD to a non-HP branded system since every hp pc has built-in drivers for its monitors.


I recommend not using the discs and also turn off sleep mode and the feature to turn off the monitor.


Make sure you have Vista SP1 installed and just setup a screensaver only and turn off the pc and monitor manually when not using it if you're still having problems after running updates.

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Re: Monitor and system wont "wake up" from sleep

My Monitor is shutting off when I am not using for an extended amount of time and will not turn back on either. I do not use sleep mode often especially since this problem. My hard drive is still on and ready to go but the only way I can get back on the computer is by shutting it down improperly. Any suggestions? How do I shut off sleep mode?


Any help would be appreciated

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Re: Monitor and system wont "wake up" from sleep



The earlier fix (not putting the system in sleep for 15 minutes) does not work. Everytime I turn off the pc, the PC refuses to turn on and remains in sleep. Last night I could not turn on the PC at all. Luckily I got lucky this morning and the PC turned on. I googled my problem and found a guy who was having my same problem. He updated his BIOS. So I did the same (downloaded the BIOS update for my PC at the HP website). I also changed my power and sleep options exaclty to what was described here:


After doing so I turned off my PC, restarted and it DID NOT GO INTO SLEEP!!!! Yeah!!! for the first time since buying this PC!! Everything seems to be working now. But we will see if it continues........


I will keep you guys updated........

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Re: Monitor and system wont "wake up" from sleep



My computer has been working all day with no problems. So far so good. Will update on Monday. It seems as though the fix has worked. Not sure if it was the BIOS update or the sleep settings but so far so good.


My RIG: 24 inch w2408h monitor and HP Pavilion Elite m9520f (64 bit OS Vista Home Premium with Service Pack 1, 8gig Ram, Intel Quad Core Q8300)

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Re: Monitor and system wont "wake up" from sleep

i guess my frustrations are right there with some of the rest of you guys... i purchased a d9150 and 2 days later was told to return it.. video problems with computer monitor not waking up from sleep mode.. the second one still has issues.. the monitor will come back on MOST of the time.. however the display settings will change at will... i have a return number and most likely will go ahead and sent this one back as well without a replacement..


d9150 quad core, 4 gig ram, with ati graphics... (all updated from ati's website) using with a 26" sanyo hd monitor via hdmi

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Re: Monitor and system wont "wake up" from sleep

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I know how you feel. Your situation sounds like exactly what had happened to me. Try going to the HP driver download section for your PC:


Then select your Operating system (64 bit or not)


Then downlaod the BIOS update (usually located halfway down on the page).


So far this has helped me because I have not had any problems since I did this. BTW, I had to find this out for myself by googling because HP support was NO help at all.


SO far I have had no other problem but I will be updating later on this week to let you all know if everything is going well.


So far so good - fingers crossed.

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Re: Monitor and system wont "wake up" from sleep


It seems as though I have not had any problems with the "system" not waking up from "Sleep". I did several things:

1) Updated my bios (as related to in my earlier post)

2) Updated all my drivers


I have foud that if I have a USB device (external Hard Drive, mouse, etc. - anything that is connected via USB) and the system goes into "sleep" the system will not "wake up". My suggestion: remove any USB device when you go into sleep or turn off the pc. Fortunately the only device on my PC that is on USB are external Hard Drives that I disconnect before going into sleep mode - so it is easy for me. If you have a USB mouse I recommend getting a non-USB mouse.


This problem may be related to the USB Controller driver that still to this day refuses to install. It seems that many of you have hid this installation problem with this driver. Heck If I know what to do about it though. All I know is that I have figured out the problem with the sleep mode and have worked around it by unplugging USBs before going into sleep.



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Re: Monitor and system wont "wake up" from sleep

for those that have dual connections to there monitor

i recommend  to use one of the connection

if you are using such as dvd player

only hook them up when using it on other devices that use video

i ran into that same problem and

use only one connection to use on my computer


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Last Update

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After several weeks with the computer I have found the solution. I did this through trial an error. First let me say that I did not have the option of returning the PC to the retailer because it was Circuit City and they have gone out of business - so I could not do that. The following is the solution for those of you having trouble with your PC not "waking" up from sleep: (please note that some of the material below may be repetative and you may have read the following before on my earlier updates - I just wat to sum up below for some people)


1) Update drivers (ALL of them)

2) Update BIOS (Very Important!) from the HP website

3) The HP has a problem with USB devices (external Hard Drives, USB Mice, ANYTHING with USB and yes, that includes your monitor). This MAY have something to do with the "bus conrtoller" driver that to this day refuses to install on the "updates". I have not been able to install this darn update so I have given up. I know a lot of you have been having trouble with this as well so I will leave that for another forum topic to "solve". All I now is that I have resigned myself to the fact that it will never install and I am fine with it. My chief concern was the "sleep" problem anyway. Going back to what I was saying, the HP has a problem with USB devices. That is, ALL USB DEVICES MUST BE REMOVED before you go into sleep - if you do not, then the system will NOT "wake up". What I have learned is to remove any USB devices before going into sleep and my system will go to sleep and awake with no problems - for me it was just a matter of unplugging and replugging once the system was awake. Obviously those with USB mice, I recommend that you get a non-USB mouse. Also thankfully my HP w2408h monitor is connected through an HDMI cable so I dont have the problem of having to disconnect it and reconnecting it. The manual to the w2408h suggested I connect it through HDMI AND USB but I only connect it through HDMI and it works perfecty for me - DO NOT CONNECT THE USB cable to the Monitor because then you will have the sleep problem.


Solution Solved!


(now if I can just get my gosh darn BUS controller to install and my blu-ray to freaking play then that would be nice - arghhhhhhh!!!)


Hope my experience has helped people out there!! 

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