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No audio in XW4600 after installing a Radeon XFX 6570.

Computer: XW4600 Core2Quad. 4GB memory


OS: W7 Ultimate US/English x64  - All KB's applied.


Error Messages: A loudspeker that is disabled in the bottom task bar. Nothing else.


Changes: Replaced a faulty nVidia Quadro FX (1400) with a Radeon XFX HD6570


Replacing a faulty nVidea, I installed a Radeon XFX HD6570 in. Then the audio disappeared. Having checked with AMD, I learned that the graphics card has an audio chip of its own. The problem with missing audio is known, and there is a link to this information:


My problem is that W7 reports "No Audio device installed". So the menu is completely blank and thus, I cannot change any device priority or set it as default. I have the Realtec driver installed, but it has no configurable options. I have also checked the AMD "Catalyst Control Center" and it has no options regarding audio either. As a last resort I opened the device manager in W7 and checked: Under the "Sound, video and game" tab, I can see the AMD driver. In the System Tab, I can see the High Definition Audio Controller.


I have tried reloading the driver software, disableing and re-enableing the drivers in varous ways, but with the same result: The computer stays mute.




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Re: No audio in XW4600 after installing a Radeon XFX 6570.

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You did everything that you would think would fix the issue, 


In reality the fix is obscure, but it is very easy to do.


Here's what has happened.  The video adapter, as you correctly pointed out, has its own onboard HDMI audio chip.


Your PC, being of an earlier vintage and is a business workstation, is not designed to automatically handle this kind of new fangled device.


So, it sensed the new audio device and automatically disabled the onboard audio because it thinks you installed an add on audio card.


So, what you have to do is restart the PC, and tap the F10 key at the beginning of the HP welcome screen to access the BIOS.


Look somewhere in the onboard device configuration menu, and you will now find an onboard audio setting where none existed before.


It will either be set to Disabled or Auto. On my dc7800 it was set to disabled when I installed my Radeon HD 6570.


Just change the setting to Enabled. Save the setting there by hitting the F10 key and again when you exit the BIOS (Save settings and exit).


Upon reboot, you will now have your onboard audio back, and if you connect an HDMI cable to a TV from the video card, you will get HDMI audio.


Sorry you had to go through all of that troubleshooting.



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Re: No audio in XW4600 after installing a Radeon XFX 6570.

A few minutes after my posting, I was on my way to threw the d***d thing out of the window, but then I thaught that ... maybe ... I should check the BIOS settings....


And as you so precisely pointed out - The on-board audio device was disabled !


All I did was to reenable the audio device and "Tada" I had my sound back again. No need to go into

any device manager menus.


My office and lab is filled with HP workstations, as I consider them so well built both in technical and also in mechanical terms. I have up till now never ever had any issues with them (apart from the nVidia card saying goodbye)


Thank you very much for answering my question. Hopefully someone else with a similar problem can be helped in the future.



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Re: No audio in XW4600 after installing a Radeon XFX 6570.

You're very welcome.

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