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HP Envy Desktop 700-210Xt - How to add drive to new "slide in" drive bay

‎02-03-2014 10:19 PM


I just received a NEW in box Envy 700-210xt desktop PC.  The case does not conform to the design shown in the suggested service instruction guide.


I want to install an second, additional drive in one of the 2 empty drive bays.


My case has 3 slanted slots which receive the hard drive.  It is not a removable "cage."  The case appears to be a new design where four 6-32 screws with raisted heads are screwed into the hard drive. These screws guide the drive into grooves and lock the drive into place.  The drives don't screw directly into the case, but slide and lock into place. 


There is even a small graphic with a screwdriver that has a line through it, as if to say, no screwdriver needed.  On the back of the case side panel, there is a graphic which show just sliding a drive into the slot.  The problem is there are no extra screws provided to guide a new drive into the slot.  


My question... where do I get screws to add additional 3.5 inch drives into these newly designed bays.


I can provide photos if necessary, but hopefully someone at HP knows about this design change and can help me buy some screws!

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Re: HP Envy Desktop 700-210Xt - How to add drive to new "slide in" drive bay



The second manual/guide of the following link may help:


For screws, any hardware or computer (hardware) shop will stock them. Just take one from your computer as a sample and go to a hardware shop, they will find one for you.



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Re: HP Envy Desktop 700-210Xt - How to add drive to new "slide in" drive bay

Dear BH,


FYI, my unit looks nothing like the link you provided.  This is the second time an HP employee has pointed me to that link.


The inside of my case does not even resemble the graphics of that link.  There has been a design change that someone is not spreading the word about.    My case has NO REMOVEABLE DRIVE CAGE....  I wish it did, as that would be an easy fix.  Instead, HP has changed to a system similar to what DELL used on my last PC 8 years ago with slide in drive access.


This is slick, until you realize that standard #6-32 x 1/4"HP to Legacy screw Compared screw heads dont slide down the track.  "Special," cylindrical shaped screw heads are required.  Luckily the whole case and Motherboard mount screws are that type. So I scavenged them from the power supply and PIC slot covers and the Motherboard and replaced them with legacy type screws.  A very unsatisfactory approach in my opinion.


I would love to see the hardware store that carries one of these screws... Cylindrical smooth head with torx and slotted.



I would look forward to an informed response to this issue... 


Please stop referring me to outdated service information. Here are images (sorry for poor quality) of what HP is selling right now...


envy pc 1.JPG


envy pc 2.JPG


envy pc 3.JPG


There is no provision for attaching to the case by screw... only this slide in system... 


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Re: HP Envy Desktop 700-210Xt - How to add drive to new "slide in" drive bay

Hi Airstang,


Yes those screws are different.  I have a custom PC cabinet and similar screws are used for sliding in the 3.5" hard drives.  While the thread and twist might be the same the head diameter and height are also considerations.  A local PC repair shop might have what you need.  A larger store specializing in PC parts might have screws that will serve purpose (maybe not with torx).

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