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HP Simplesave WILL NOT RUN! {Read!}

So, I bought my 320 gb HP Simplesave portable about a year ago, It's always worked! and I have saved about 23 GB worth of media on it, And as it usually starts up as soon as its plugged, Today...I plug it in, and it does NOTHING! This is a tragedy! I am a professional video creator and now I don't have my media? What to do?????
I plug it in and I click on , start>computer and usually it says "HP Simplesave" under my standard drives ((local disc c and presario rp-d)) And now it says "DVD RW Drive (E)" I dunno if that was there before...But I know my Simplesave isn't working!!
Not sure if this makes a difference...but, In the past,like when I first bought it, I dropped it from a short range,and about 3 months ago,I was getting it out of my drawer and it fell,on my carpet floor...And today it fell on my carpet floor...Smiley Indifferent  

What is wrong?
Any solutions,Thanks!
((Please, I cannot take solutions that require me to completely start a-new with this drive!))

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Re: HP Simplesave WILL NOT RUN! {Read!}



Try plugging it in to a different USB port on your PC.  Then from the Start Menu, click the Control Panel, open Administrative Tools, Computer Management, Storage and then Disk Management.  Does the drive show up here?






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Re: HP Simplesave WILL NOT RUN! {Read!}

The fall has either damaged your hard drive mechanism, or the circuit board connection. The only way to determine is to put your ear to the case, and power up the drive.  

1) Drive is spinning with (a) whirling sound,  (b) whirling then a thud/click, (c) constant thuds/clicks?  Only "a" is good.

2) If not (a), unplug the power, and open the case, and check adapter on the 2.5" hard drive. It slides on, make sure it's fully seated onto the drive.


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Re: HP Simplesave WILL NOT RUN! {Read!}

No it does not, Heres a screen capture of what that looked like

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Re: HP Simplesave WILL NOT RUN! {Read!}

Hello, wb2001...Ummm...I did that..and sounds like (b) not sure though...Definately not A in my opinion.
And ...I don't understand...How did that minor fall damage?? 
And when I open the case, what do i do? You said "check" the adapter on the 2.5 hard drive...And it slides on? And what if it is not fully seated onto the drive? Can i fix that?

There HAS to be some way I can get my files back!!!
Thanks for your help.

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Re: HP Simplesave WILL NOT RUN! {Read!}

First of all, the way the SimpleSave drive and system operates is based on the use of the Windows Autorun feature.  As soon as the drive is recognized by the operating system, it looks for an Autorun file at the root of the drive -- if it finds one, it tried to follow the instructions in the Autorun file.


It appears that your system is seeing some kind of a drive, but is not sure what kind of a drive it is.  In order to see what is on your drive -- if it works at all, I would suggest first going into your operating system and disabling the Autorun feature for that drive.  That makes it easier to look at the drive contents without the system trying to do things with the data.


Assuming that Drive "E is the one assigned to your Simplesave:


  • Open Windows Explorer, Right-click on Drive E and select Properties from the menu.
  • Select the AutoPlay tab.
  • Select each item from the pulldown list and for the Action to perform, select "Take no action" to disable autorun.
  • Select OK.

    That way, your system will not try to execute the SiumpleSave Autorun file.


    Stop the drive using the "Safely Remove Hardware" icon in your system tray, unplug it from the USB prot and unplug the power. 


    Then, power it back on, plug it into the USB port and you should see the disk as it normally would look without the overhead of the SimpleSave software.  That should tell you if the drive is working.    

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    Re: HP Simplesave WILL NOT RUN! {Read!}

    When i first got the simplesave it was (:F) drive, then it changed to (:G) in june 2010 ,i think.
    And i don't think it works,and i think drive E has always been there, perhaps...I  contacted the store where i bought it from(Best Buy), they say for $150 they'll transfer my stuff off there and put it into a new hard drive,which is an additional 90 dollars.
    They also said, they can open the case for me and see if theres any problem..for free,i take it.
    So until I figure out if that'll work..I suppose I can't try anything else...
    But, still, More suggestions would be appreciated!

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    Re: HP Simplesave WILL NOT RUN! {Read!}

    Sorry, but my original post above accidentally dropped part of what I has typed.  There are two separate things to deal with: AutoRun and AutoPlan.  My post had dropped the AutoRun fix instructions, albeit that was what I first talked about.


    If you open Windows Explorer you will see at te bottom left, below the list of things in My Documents, a list of the drives that the computer currently recognizes.  If you then plug your SimpleSave drive into the computer, you should see it recognize another drive.  Whatevel letter is assigned to that drive is the one you should apply the AutoPlay disable feature to -- that is,m right clicking on that drive and going to the Properties tab. 


    But before that, go to the Microsoft suport site and use their FixIT links to disable AutoRun.



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    Re: HP Simplesave WILL NOT RUN! {Read!}

    I have posted a follow-up topic for this HD,
    (its under my posts in my profile, Maybe you can tell me solutions there!)

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    Re: HP Simplesave WILL NOT RUN! {Read!}



    i know this is an old thread but im hoping someone will still be able to help me within the week, if not i will make a new post. Anywho:


    I have the simplesave 500gb. It is being annoying and very inconsistent. What i mean when i say this is:


    • When i plug the HD into my laptop, it wont work. it DOES NOT run the autorun file. instead it opens the folder that the autorun is in. when i try to manullay open it (i double click the autorun) it does nothing, until i close the folder, in which case it REOPENS.


    • HOWEVER when i plug it into any OTHER computer, it works fine. Taking the advice of one of the other posts, i listend to the HD and it didnt make any unexpected noises. It works perfectly fine in every other computer tthough, it opens the autorun, it tries to back-up and the pop-up box with possible actions (view media, oopen files to browse etc).


    Why is it not working in the laptop? im positive it is NOT any of my USB connections on the laptop. Therefore i came to the conclusion that there is something wrong with the drivers or something else on the Simplesave Device. Is this correct and HOW DO I FIX IT???

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