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Hp Pavilion 23-b010: Issues with WIFI connection

I purchased a Hp Pavilion 23-b010 yesterday and the machine had an issue with the WIFI connection.  For some reason, the connection speeds are much slower than other computers on the same WIFI network. 


I test this with the Hp Pavilion and a laptop, sitting side by side, eg. to test signal issues.   Both machines were located about 15 feet from the WIFI box, and the HP showed full signal strength.  


With the laptop, running Win 7, I downloaded several files, all downloads utilized about 90% of full bandwidth.  The same downloads on the HP, however, utilized 25-35%.  I downloaded many files, so I know that this is not an issue with a single download from a slow server.



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Re: Hp Pavilion 23-b010: Issues with WIFI connection

Hey DavidFW,

Without knowing more about the other PC not much real comparison we can offer up, but here are some thoughts.


There are many, many settings including security settings that can effect the speed for wireless. So as long as the router is up to date with current firmware, and all updates etc are loaded on the PC then you can start thinking about speed.

Security settings on the router, what type of connection (a/b/g/n) is being used.

What types of antenna are on the system and being used - for your 23-b010 it is a single antenna, which won't take full advantage of the "n" standard. So given 2 machines of exactly the same config but one has a single and the other a dual antenna, you'll have connection speed differences.


So that said... you can start looking at the other things and investigating how to make it faster. I'd start with looking at your router manufacturer's web-site for firmware updates and tips on what settings to change to make connections faster.


but my gut tells me it is simply the 1x1 antenna config on the 23-010 that is the difference.

good luck



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Re: Hp Pavilion 23-b010: Issues with WIFI connection

The router is type G.  The internet connection, which is only 3 mbps, is the issue.  No matter the computer's configuration, a G chip should handle such a slow speed.  


Also, I tested both machine with an CNET's online Bandwidth test app.  The HP's speed averages 1/5 slower than the full speed of the connection, and 1/4 slower than the laptop.  I know that the HP is not sucking the bandwidth as downloads on the laptop, when the HP is on, progress at 95% of full bandwidth.




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