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Pavilion A1510n won't boot

Pavilion a1510n won't boot.  Black screen with this messages:

BIOS v1.0

OS ROM CheckSum error


Can you point me in the right direction?



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Re: Pavilion A1510n won't boot

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Try the steps in this hp article:



But Checksum errors are usually bad news.....could be a failed hard drive......or it could be a failed Windows Update or something else like that.


Here is another article on Checksum errors:

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Re: Pavilion A1510n won't boot



The read-only memory (ROM) containing the BIOS program is protected by a checksum value as a double-check that the ROM code is correct. This checksum is compared against the values in the ROM each time the PC is booted and if there is a mismatch, this code is generated.



The BIOS ROM chip on the motherboard is probably faulty. It could also be another component on the motherboard.

This can also happen if there is any new hardware added to the PC.

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Re: Pavilion A1510n won't boot

Would adding a new cpu require the BIOS to be reset to prevent an error? My a1540n stays in black screen with a new AMD 64 X2 5600 replacing the X2 4200 originally installed. No beeps, no boot, but put the 4200 back and all is well. BIOS reset needed?
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Re: Pavilion A1510n won't boot

Believe it or not I had a checksum error and by some fluke I had someone mention they replaced their cmos battery so I replaced the cmos battery and all was well.
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Re: Pavilion A1510n won't boot

My good buddy just had this problem with his pavilion a1540n.  He went out and bought a new stick of 2g pc4200 ram to add to the mobo (had 2x1g pc4200 from store). Booted up fine but after about 10 or so mins it crashed.  Kept doing it, he took the memory out and then it boots to a black screen with the BIOS ROM CMOS error.  Put the ram back in and it will boot back up, but crash again after a bit.  We tried switching that with two 1g sticks of the pc4200 hoping that the slots were paired (4 slots on mobo, 2 blue, 2 black) and that was prob; but to the same results.  I've looked around and can't seem to find much to help.  ANy advice/tips would be appreciated.



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