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Phoenix H9-1120t operating temps

Hi all,


Well I finally got my Phoenix rig and after a week of using it I am very pleased overall.  This is one nice computer!  The i7 2600 is actually faster than I thought it was going to be (but I was coming from an older AMD set-up, so it's a big upgrade for me).


I have the liquid cooling option, and I know there's not a lot of data out there yet on this rig (because I looked myself when considering this purchase), so I thought I'd post it, and those of you with the air-cooling can compare.  And maybe it will help someone decide who is contemplating a purchase as well.


First just let me re-state how much I really do like this computer.  I saw several complaints about bloatware and other minor issues with HP, and I've had none of them.  Set up was simple and quick, and I haven't looked back since.  First thing I did after powering up was uninstall all the Nvidia drivers, and remove the GTX 550 Ti.  I put a XFX Radeon HD 6950 in, and updated the drivers, and it has worked flawlessly ever since.  By the way, there is A LOT of room for just about any card to fit in this case.  My card is 10.08 inches long, and I have a good 2-3 inches of room left past it.  Due to the unique positioning of the motherboard and the other components, the whole PCIe x16 slot and lane is free and clear.  Nice work HP (yes, another PCIe x16 slot for X-fire/SLI would have been nice, but no biggie).


With this set-up my idle temp seem to hover in the upper 20's or just under 30c.  And this computer is whisper quiet.  My office here stays a nice cool constant temp, so that helps too I'm sure.  The temps kind of fluctuate from around 27c to 31c, but 29c - 30c seems to be the norm idle temp.  I'm using HW Monitor, Speecy, and CoreTemp to check it.


Right now, Speccy shows 29/29/29/23, and I have three browser windows open and iTunes.


Speccy info.jpg


Running BF3 with all settings on Ultra, Ambient Occlusion on and set to HBAO, and 4x MSAA, I get 60-70 FPS.  Pretty sweet.

Under this load (and with iTunes running) my temps hover around 40c, occasionally spiking up to 45c.  I have never hit 50c though.  Intel says the maximum Tcase temp for the i7 2600 is 72.6c - so I'm not even close to that.


BF3 running.jpg



Anyway, I hope this gives someone the info they need.  Re-post if you have better or way different temps than me on your liquid cooling set-up.




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Re: Phoenix H9-1120t operating temps

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Thanks for sharing your information.  Everything looks to be running excellent.


At idle, my custom rig running at 4.4 ghz (2600k) is averaging 36c with a stock Intel heat sink.


At idle, my Geforce 550 TI is running at 36c.



BTW, You have an excellent HP PC.Smiley Happy

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Re: Phoenix H9-1120t operating temps

Awesome temps. Told you it would run super cool! I can easily hit 72c under full load while playing BF3. That is not the max either btw. I believe it is 98c or 100c.

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Re: Phoenix H9-1120t operating temps

Awesome system. Which actual motherboard do you have?

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Re: Phoenix H9-1120t operating temps

Thanks. I'm pretty happy with it so far. Seems to be running great.


As far as the mobo, it's a Pegatron made specifically for HP I assume. It's so new that I can't really seem to find much info on it.  The model is listed as "PEGATRON CORPORATION 2AD5."  And the chipset is Intel Z75 (Panther Point DO).



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Re: Phoenix H9-1120t operating temps

  • Manufacturer's motherboard name: Pegatron
  • Motherboard name: IPISB-CH2
  • HP/Compaq name: Chicago

It uses a Intel H67 chipset.

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