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Upgrading graphics card on hp pavilion p6520f

I want to upgrade the video card of my PC to improve the gaming experience on it, the lack of a powerful video card is the only thing preventing my games from running smoothly, so I was thinking about upgrading to a 2GB card, but I do not know if my PC would actually support it or if I could install it at all. Could anyone here tell me if I could install this hardware?

This is the Graphics Card I want to install.
It's a  EVGA 02G-P3-1568-KR GeForce GTX 560 Ti (Fermi) 2GB 256-bit

Any answer and help would be appricated, thanks guys

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Re: Upgrading graphics card on hp pavilion p6520f

Issac, welcome to the forum.


I don't believe that you will be able to run that card without upgrading the power supply unit (PSU).  The PSU in in the computer is only 250W.  While it doesn't state the power requirements in the specs for the card, I believe that it will be at least 400W.  I like your choice of cards, however.


If you decide to upgrade the PSU, I suggest either Corsair or OCZ.  Both are very good manufacturers who make products for gamers/enthusiasts.  Here is a PSU that will work nicely for you.  I suggest measuring the current PSU and comparing the measurements to the one that you choose.


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Re: Upgrading graphics card on hp pavilion p6520f

Thanks for replying to my question, I'm so glad you brought up the power supply problem, I was able to find more SPECS on the videocard, it turns out it reqires actually 500+ watts, if I purchased a a more powerful PSU, would I be able to run it then? And are there any other obsticles that would prevent me from running it? I really appriate your reply to my question, since I'm not much of an expert on computer building (still learning), it would really help if I could get everything cleared out before I make the purchase, or if I able to make the purchase at all. Thank you.

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Re: Upgrading graphics card on hp pavilion p6520f



Open up your PC and do some measuring in parallel with the PCI-E x16 slot to see how long of a video card will fit. The slot adjacent to the PCI-E x16 slot needs to be vacant. Look carefully at the motherboard and makes sure that components on the motherboard don't interfere with the installation of the video card.

A typical EVGA NVIDIA 560TI is 9" but find out what the length is for your particular card.


If you are open to another video card suggestion then look at the Sapphire 6850.  The price/performance ratio is a lot better. The NVIDIA 560TI compared to the AMD 6850 is here.

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Re: Upgrading graphics card on hp pavilion p6520f

Hi im Claude....Im kinda new in all this....But i have a problem...I have An Hp pavilion dv9000....But the problem is that the video chip set is way less...Ive bought it from someone....Can i upgrade the memory and the chip set....I have onli 8bit....And the memory onli 14mb...I dont think is normal....Coze on mi Sony Vayo i have...64mb....And 356..psihical memory...Can anione help plzz...Thank u....

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Re: Upgrading graphics card on hp pavilion p6520f

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I understand you are inquiring about upgrading the video card and the chipset of the notebook.


What is the product number?

NOTE: Do NOT provide the serial number.


Generally speaking, the chipset and video card are not upgradeable components on a notebook.  The chipset is soldered onto the motherboard and would require changing the motherboard entirely to get a new chipset.  Changing the motherboard itself isn't something I recommend doing on a notebook as the motherboard needs to fit the case and the cooling of the case needs to be adequate.  The same applies to the video card as well.  


I recommend reading this document that Erico, a community expert, put together.


Where are you reading that the video memory is 14MB and that the memory is 8bit? If it is dxdiag, then it doesn't provide the right specifications on certain setups.

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