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What BIOS version is your Phoenix 810-150se?

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Hi all,


    I need to know something to find out whether I can update my computer.  If you own an ENVY Phoenix 810-150se and feel like doing someone a HUGE favor, I would REALLY appreciate your help!


    I just need to know what BIOS version your computer is (esp. if your processor is either a 4930k or a 4960x).  Just type "msinfo32" in the Run menu and copy/past the line of information for "BIOS Version/Date?"  


Thanks so much!!!



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Re: What BIOS version is your Phoenix 810-150se?

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Re: What BIOS version is your Phoenix 810-150se?

What are you even talking about? Congrats, old_geekster! You answered a question never asked.

If anyone has a 810-150se, please post your BIOS version. Thank you!
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Re: What BIOS version is your Phoenix 810-150se?

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Please be more specific as to what you are wanting to do to your computer and post your system's specs.  "Update my computer" is pretty vague/ambiguous and could mean a dozen different things.


If you have a i7 4930k or i7 4960x you obviously don't want to upgrade your processor.  But again, no one here really knows what you are wanting or what computer you have because of the way you phrased your post.


Just tell us what your ultimate goal is.  e.g. upgrade graphics card, change out RAM, change out PSU, change out CPU,  etc....


Pretty much everyone here will try and help you or at least point you in the right direction.



If - as I suspect (and I'm guessing) you are wanting to go from a Sandy Bridge-E to an Ivy Bridge -E proc, then yes you'll have a problem on a HP Pegatron Pittsburgh mobo.  Changing to IVB-E typically requires a BIOS flash or update for the IVB-E to work, which you can't do on the HP board.  The only way is if you are willing to buy your own new aftertmarket mobo such as an ASUS or MSI and install it yourself.  Then the IVB-E CPU will work and a BIOS flash will be easy to find if you even need one.  But this of course voids your warranty and you'll need a new copy of Windows.



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Re: What BIOS version is your Phoenix 810-150se?



There is a documentation error with the ENVY Phoenix models using the Pittsburg2 motherboard.  The product specifications indicate support for the I7-4xxx processors and the motherboard specifications indicate no support for the i7-4xxx processors.


HP has been ask to clarify this situation. 


Some manufacturers provided bios updates to support the new processors on the LGA2011 socketed motherboards.  It all depends on when the bios was created and what processor support was included in the bios.

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Re: What BIOS version is your Phoenix 810-150se?

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@hapkiman -- You guessed correctly.


@Big_Dave -- I also found the documentation issue.  It's hard to get simple answers on this issue.


An official HP BIOS update does in fact exists fir the Pittsburgh2 motherboard, but it's from late June of 2013.  


I just need to know the BIOS version of the 810-150se, epsecially from a computer with a 4930k or 4960x.  If you own one of these computers, or otherwise have access to one, please post your BIOS version here.


If it's the same as the update, then I can upgrade; not otherwise.



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