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Added memory, but PC doesn't see it

I have an HP m7350n desktop running WinXP SP2


The memory was still stock until my recent upgrade


Per the specs, it had 2GB memory. Confirmed with dxdiag

Also per specs, it has a max of 4GB



I added two new 1GB sticks in the two open slots. I left the old memory where it was, so the old and new memory alternate slots.


I added 2xKingstonKVR400D2N3/1G 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 400 (PC2 3200)


This appears to match the specs (I'll admit Im a novice at this stuff).

Physically, the new memory was shorter then the old. I feel confident the new memory is seated and secured properly


After the upgrade, dxdiag still claims I have 2GB of memory (2048MB).


Any suggestions on what I may have done wrong, or what I should check? I'd like to get this to 4GB.


I assume it doesn't impact the memory issue, but I also upgraded the power supply and video card at the same time (sound no longer exists, but that will be a separate post)


Thanks for any pointers

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Re: Added memory, but PC doesn't see it



Can you see them in BIOS ? This tells the RAM is not the same:



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Re: Added memory, but PC doesn't see it

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Hellocbair, As banhien suggested, the memory you purchased appears to not be supported for your HP system.


The Crucial site does list the certified compatible memory for your system.


Here  is a link where the compatible Kingston Memory can be found for your system.


The Kingston memory model number is KTH-XW4200AN/1G.


It is not recommended to mix memory from different sources, since the timings and they memory chips may be different and not compatible with the original memory.


I would suggest purchasing the 4x1 GB memory modules either from Crucial or Kingston memory, and discarding the currently installed memory for best performance.


I have used both brands and did not notice any difference in the performance of either brand.


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Re: Added memory, but PC doesn't see it

banhein and hanspuppa -


Thanks, you are both on the right path.


In Bios, it does not see the two new sticks (it says slots 2 & 4 are still empty), so it looks like I need to buy new memory.


I am still a little confused on what to buy. Can I buy two sticks from banhien's link to the Crucial site and mix them with the two original memory sticks? Or do I need to buy 4 new sticks (either 4 from the crucial site, or four of the Kingston mentioned by Hanspuppa)?



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Re: Added memory, but PC doesn't see it

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Not all dimms will work with other dimms in HP motherboards.  Theoretically, dimms with the same CAS timings and speed as your current dimms should work. 


You certainly want to use the same manufacturer's matching dimms in slot 0 of each channel bank to ensure that dual channel operates.


Buying four matching dimms will give you the highest rate of success. 


Contact sales or technical support at Kingston or Crucial and get a recommendation for dimms.

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Re: Added memory, but PC doesn't see it

I ordered 2x1GB Crucial memory and am still having issues. My pc model exactly matches the model specified on the crucial memory, as linked by earliest responder


When I put the new sticks into the two empty slots, the PC gets to the startup screen that says (something like) "Hit ESC for xxxx   F1 for xxx  F10 xxxx", and it freezes on this.


If I put in only the two new sticks, The PC will not start (I see only black screen on the monitor, and do not hear anything happening.. dead box). This is true if I put the new sticks in the 2 slots that were originally unused or if I put the two new sticks in the slots that were occupied by the two original sticks.


I have posted on the Crucial forums. My current exercise is to make sure all my drivers are current which I will hopefully verify tonight after work (I install all updates suggested by the HP Updater, so I assume I am current).


Anyway, I just wanted to update those that took the time to help (and see if anyone has additional comments :-) ). I'll come back and close this out once I get it working.



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Re: Added memory, but PC doesn't see it

Everyone was on the right path. I accepted the reply that contained the Crucial memory link, since that is what I ordered.


I ordered two sticks instead of replacing all 4. If the PC starts acting up, Ill order 2 more and replace the original memory.


My initial problem with the Crucial memory was just a bad stick, which was resolved.


Thanks all for the help

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Re: Added memory, but PC doesn't see it

Try checking that your "maximum memory" setting is not checked.


I had 3GB installed but only saw 786MB of RAM in Task Manager, although the BIOS saw all 3GB.


Try this:


In Windows, Go to SYSTEM CONFIGURATION-->Boot-->Advanced Settings.


If "maximum memory" is checked, then uncheck it.


Here is a link to this solution:


Hope this helps!
Brian Jasmer

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