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HP 478-d( MS-7613) with ASUS GTX670 DCUII?

The desktop.

I know i have to change my PSU to 750 watts. But is the motherboard compatiable with the asus gtx670?

ASUS Gtx670

Can my case support it? I know my case have the dimensions to support it, but what about the bolts? Thanks

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Re: HP 478-d( MS-7613) with ASUS GTX670 DCUII?

There are on "bolts" to be concerned with. At almost 11 inches long the card will be a very tight fit, if it even fits. Measure inside the computer, front to back along the PCIe x16 slot to determine how much room you have. Please see Dave_G's Guide for Selecting a Discrete Video Card for more information on this subject. Also be aware that there are reports that some HP computers don't function with a PSU larger than 650 watts.

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Re: HP 478-d( MS-7613) with ASUS GTX670 DCUII?


Let's examine this more thoroughly, OK.


Your computer already has an HD5570. Keeping at frame height of the card, extend the length to 10.75 inches. Does it clear? There might be a metal hanger that is supporting the HD5570.

BTW-the upgrade manual for that model is actually a generic, and is not factual to your motherboard.


Where did you find the PSU requirements?

 According to known publications, the GTX670 would require a minimum of 500W. But let's discuss that and your assumption of 750W. Your present PSU is supposed to be only 300W. The max TDP of theHD5570 draws 43W, the GTX670 draws 170W. That is only a 130W more.


Actually, you only need a PSU with 500W. Still, I use a 630W Rosewill  and it's an exact fit.

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