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HP Pavilion p7-1210 Desktop PC - Need a little help upgrading CPU.

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I've got the Quad-Core 64 bit Hp Pavilion p7-1210 desktop but the cpu just isn't what I wanted, but for 542 dollars who could say anything right ?  Well, seeing this will be cheaper then building a pc, but OEM or whatever PC'S are really hard to find the correct CPU for, I know the socket and everything but will they all work that have the same socket I have no clue at all.


Well I did a little research and found this site in which tells me everything I "should know" about the pc and well it really wasn't all the information I wanted I really need to know a little bit more.


Heres the site though:


I've found the best cpu that link talks about the motherboard supporting but...


I really wanted 3.0 GHz not 2.9 GHz ... But I guess it wouldn't matter, I dunno these games say you need 3.0 GHz ... 


I've found a new power supply and video card that are probably pretty good already installed them and they work great, had abit of touble because the slot being locked in the BIOS but it was very easy to enable.


Anyways I'll show you the link I've found of the CPU I might buy if (I can't get a 3.0 GHz cpu)


Here it is:


The source site, a link above stated this cpu will be support by the motherboard in inside the HP pavilion p7-1210 desktop pc.


Information the site gave me for cpu upgrades: Processor upgrade information

  • 65W to 100W (processor dependent)
  • Socket type: FM1
  • Motherboard supports the following processor upgrades:
    Processor TDP AMD A8-3850 (Liano) quad core 100W AMD A8-3800 (Liano) quad core 65W AMD A6-3650 (Liano) quad core 100W AMD A6-3600 (Liano) quad core 65W
    I'd really enjoy a better cpu, but if I can't its alright I also would like to know *for sure* that cpu I posted from newEGG will work on my computer.  
    But once again if anybody knows anything about a better cpu I could upgrade, please tell me.
    Thank you,



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Re: HP Pavilion p7-1210 Desktop PC - Need a little help upgrading CPU.

I really need to know if this will work, if so I'm buying this:


Model Brand AMD Series A-Series APU (CPU + GPU) Model AD3870WNGXBOXCPU Socket Type CPU Socket Type Socket FM1Tech Spec Core Llano Multi-Core Quad-Core Name A8-3870K Unlocked Operating Frequency 3.0GHz L2 Cache 4MB Manufacturing Tech 32 nm 64 bit Support Yes Virtualization Technology Support Yes Integrated Graphics AMD Radeon HD 6550D Thermal Design Power 100W Cooling Device Heatsink and Fan included

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Re: HP Pavilion p7-1210 Desktop PC - Need a little help upgrading CPU.

I doubt the AMD A8-3870K AD3870WNGXBOXCPU processor will work in your system. There doesn't appear to be a BIOS update that adds support for that CPU. Stick with the A8-3850 and you should have no problems.



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