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New HPE Phoenix rig H9-1120t. Very pleased with HP customer service.

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Just wanted to post an update to my recent adventure with HP.  I recently purchased a HP Phoenix rig, with the i7 2600 CPU.  I really loved it at first, but started having a few issues, and called/e-mailed HP customer service a few times about them. Nothing huge, but since I was still within a certain new period of my purchase, HP allowed me to return my rig, and initiate a brand new order.  And It gets even better from here.


Because I was also a little upset that just after buying my rig (within two weeks of my purchase in fact), they changed over to the new Ivy Bridge CPUs, and no longer even had my i7 2600 as an option.  So ultimately they allowed me to exchange my rig, and re-order the same one (with a newer i7 3770).  I think this was very accomodating on their part.  I also decided to go ahead and add a 160GB SSD in the process (but I had to pay for that of course).  But otherwise I got the exact same rig, just w/ a diff CPU and an added ssd.


After getting my new rig in less than a week, and then installing my Radeon HD 6950 2GB graphics card-  all I can say is WOW.  This baby is fast.  Even faster!   Most reviews list the i7 3770 as only about a 10% gain over the i7 2600, but I can tell you first hand it depends on what you are doing.  I know I am seeing some of this speed improvement because of the SSD, but with just overall tasks, the computer feels much zippier than it did before even programs that I have on my HDD are faster.  My WEI went from a 7.6 to a 7.7 on the CPU (my GPU score was already maxed at 7.9), and even better - there is another bonus.


The new Phoenix Ivy Bridge rigs ship with a Z75 Pegatron motherboard, whose default RAM speed is 1600MHz.  Although it came with 10GB of 1333MHz RAM.  I bought two 4GB sticks of Crucial Ballistix 1600MHz RAM, and when I plugged them in, the system immediately recognized them as 1600MHz and I didn't have to do a thing.  They are running in XMP mode as well.  Another nice little bump in speed (little yes, but still noticeable).  This brought by WEI RAM score from 7.6 to 7.8.  


The lowest WEI score is now my SSD with a 7.6.


I am really pleased with HP at this point, and must say they went out of their way to ensure that I was happy, and they have followed up with several comment emails and surveys- just to make sure I am now satisfied.  I give kudos this time to HP- and to their outstanding customer service.  Good job guys.  And thank you for an outstanding gaming rig.  This is truly a great system, and you'd be hard pressed to get another one anywhere for this price with these components and this level of CS.  I'm betting iBuypower wouldn't have been so accomodating with me.


One final comment and I'll get off my soapbox.  The IB heat issue.  For those of you that read about these things, I'm sure you've read about the Ivy Bridge CPUs are taking a lot of bad press about getting too hot, especially when being overclocked.


Well obviously, I'm not overclocking a non k i7 3770, but I can tell you this rig has the exact same liquid cooling set-up my i7 2600 rig had, and the temps are pretty much, if not spot on the same.  Right now CoreTemp shows 28/28/27/28c at idle.  It hits the mid 40's at full load.  This is right on line with what my Sandy Bridge CPU showed.  I think you only have heat issues when trying to OC the unlocked k models.  The regular CPUs are just fine, and are actaully more power efficient than SB was, since they use newer 22nm technology, and have a physically smaller die. 


Anyway, thanks again HP, and I am now a loyal customer.  I still have my old (I say old, its about 2 years old) Dell XPS rig at my cousins house with a Phenom II x6 1090T, which I check every few days to keep it updated and running smooth (cause he's a college kid), and this new HP Phoenix rig I have makes it look like a toy computer.  No comparison.





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Re: New HPE Phoenix rig H9-1120t. Very pleased with HP customer service.

Hapkiman, thank you for the great review of your new HP computer. :smileyhappy:  It is apparent that the new management is truly in tune with the customer. This will assure a phenomenal future for the company.

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Re: New HPE Phoenix rig H9-1120t. Very pleased with HP customer service.

The ssd makes all the difference and that is what you are seeing. If you had ordered that with the 2600. The speed would be pretty much the same. But, you cant compare. So...

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Re: New HPE Phoenix rig H9-1120t. Very pleased with HP customer service.

I completely agree with FattysGoneWild on this 


The speed difference which you are noticing is mainly because of SSD and change in processor doesnt add much to it. B/w Congrats on your purchase :smileyhappy:

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Re: New HPE Phoenix rig H9-1120t. Very pleased with HP customer service.

Thank you sooooo much for taking the time to set up an account and post this! We truly appreciate you, your comments and loyalty!



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Re: New HPE Phoenix rig H9-1120t. Very pleased with HP customer service.



Thank you very much for your great comments and review. Greatly appreciated. We will share this with the broader HP audience.





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Re: New HPE Phoenix rig H9-1120t. Very pleased with HP customer service.

Also. Very important. Update the ssd firmware right away if it came with a Intel drive and version 0302 firmware. Mine did. Unless HP done it before it was shipped for you. 

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Re: New HPE Phoenix rig H9-1120t. Very pleased with HP customer service.

Yes, I am aware that for the most part the noticed speed improvements will be as a result of the SSD.  That's why I added it (and I was already going to get one for my previous Phoenix rig, I was just going to add it later myself due to my own reasons).  And the 1600 MHz RAM I added isn't exactly slowing it down either.  But what I am seeing with this new rig is not exclusive to the solid state drive.  The SSD is certainly a big part of it, but not all of it.  I have all of my docs, music, pictures, and misc on the E drive (HDD), and I use Adobe Premiere Elements 10 - also from my E (HDD).  Using these and other apps from the HDD [which makes them more CPU/HDD dependant and a little less CPU/SSD influenced] - seem faster.  I do realize by simply running the OS from the SSD affects the overall speed to a degree of everything - but I was simply pointing out that the i7 3770 seems (and technically is) slightly faster than the i7 2600.  Not at all by a huge margin of course, but faster nonetheless.  SSD or not.  That's all I was saying.  I was just a happy camper that things worked out for me once, which they rarely do. 


And I am not a huge gamer, but I did put my one main game I'm playing now (BF3) on the SSD and yes it loads up seconds, and maps load up in half the time they did before the SSD.  Simply Incredible.  And you guys know about initial boot time.  I don't even have time to go get a cup of coffee after pressing the power button before its up and running.  Wonderful and so fast.  


And I know first hand the i7 2600 is a fine and super fast CPU in its own right.  Everyone into computers pretty much knows about the 2600/2600k.  It is a downright awesome CPU and is better than 90% of the CPUs out there today.  I meant no disrespect toward it, and I would buy one today in a heartbeat if I was starting a new build like I used to do * I would likely opt for the unlocked "k" version of course and maybe even the big brother i7 2700k if I was starting to build computers again -but my wife would prob leave me If I started doing that again :-(. 


I'm a i7 2600 fan/defender and proponent through and through.  Love that proc.


Again, my overall point was that I had a very positive interaction with HP customer service, and I just wanted to share some positive news for once.  And, I was very happy to get the newer Ivy Bridge i7 3770, because like I said, it is faster and is newer tech.  I really do like it.  A LOT. 


Mostly you read about negative comments and griping about all the bad experiences and problems everyone has with HP- but I was treated very fairly and with courtesy by them and I thought I'd just share and give them two thumbs up.  They deserve it this time.  That's all.


Oh.  And the firmware is the latest version on my SSD.  HP must have addressed that issue.

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Re: New HPE Phoenix rig H9-1120t. Very pleased with HP customer service.

Does ssd firmware version show as 0365? Or is it even newer? Just curious... Also. You can use Intel SSD Toolbox. Great little program to add for your ssd if it is Intel. I was not knocking your processor at all. And I know you was not knocking the 2600 either. I most likely would have done the same as you did. But, I probably would have just waited for the Ivy release. I am out of luck as I ordered my machine on release day back in January. I also wanted the liquid cooling. Sadly. It was not a option at the time then. I also love the fact not only is it standard now. They are also offering the "K" version. If I could do it all over again. I would love to order a Ivy build right now. At the same time. Still pleased with my Sandy build Phoenix.

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Re: New HPE Phoenix rig H9-1120t. Very pleased with HP customer service.

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Yes it is version 4PC10365. Haven't had any issues with the SSD or with the rig at all.  Runs like a champ.  Have pretty much everything on the SSD that I'm planning on for right now, and still have over 58 GB left on it. 


And thanks for the info on the Intel SSD Toolbox, I'll definitely check it out.  Yes, I actually could have ordered the i7 3770k but I really have no desire to OC anymore.  The liquid cooling is very nice for me (especially now that I have IB), but with that SB you have, I'll bet your temps are just fine, unless of course you have a warm ambient in your room.  If your room temp is good though - you shoudn't have any worries 'cause SB is pretty cool running.


I only wish HP would promote these Phoenix rigs a little more, they deserve it and no one seems to know much about them that I talk with.  And I kind of wish maybe they'd tidy up that internal wiring harness a bit too.  Not a biggie- but I used to keep mine really clean and open inside.  I'm kind of OCD about that. 












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