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Hp Pavilion p6000 series multi monitor


 does anyone know if I have the chance to connet two monitors to my HP Pavilion P6000 series (p65522it) ?

There's one main dvi port on the back, and two additional ports a VGA and another dvi, but they are both "covered" with some plastic. The graphic card is an Nvidia Gforce 315.

I have tried connecting a second monitor to the vga port, but nothing seems to happen, and windows 7 doesn't recognize any sort of secondary monitor.

Thanks for helping


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Re: Hp Pavilion p6000 series multi monitor

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The slots that are covered are from the motherboard. Don't use them as they will use shared memory. The video card *should* be capable of supporting to monitors at the same time. Many cards do... however, I say should because some don't and HP's specs on your page do not explicity come out and say it. If possible, I would borrow a monitor just for testing before going out and purchasing something... just to see if it works.


NVIDIA GeForce G315 with PureVideo HD
  • Interface: PCI Express x16
  • DVI port, VGA port, HDMI Port
  • 1 GB onboard memory
  • Supports HDCP *
  • VGA using included DVI-to-VGA adapter
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    Re: Hp Pavilion p6000 series multi monitor

    Thanks a lot for you answer.

    Now, first question, if the slots are from the motherboard, why can't I use them? What does it mean they'll use shared memory?

    Second, if the card should be capable of usign two monitors, where do I plug the second one? That's maybe my main problem, because even if I borrow a second one (which I own actually) where to plug it!

    Thanks again


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    Re: Hp Pavilion p6000 series multi monitor

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    Hi Marco,


    The video connectors on the motherboard are automatically disabled when a discrete video card is installed.


    This article will help you with dual monitors.


    I suggest that you use the DVI and the HDMI ports on the video card for dual monitors.



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