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Upgrade to USB 3.0

Is there any way to upgrade one of my high speed USB 2.0 ports on my Touchsmart 610-1188hk to USB 3.0 ? On some product catalogues I have seen the 610-1188 with two USB 3.0 ports and four USB 2.0 ports

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Re: Upgrade to USB 3.0

There is no way to upgrade an existing unit to USB 3.0

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Re: Upgrade to USB 3.0

Cornwall7m, welcome to the forum.


You should be able to buy a PCI Express x1 USB 3.0 mini card.  There are 2 vacant PCI Express x1 slots for mini cards on the motherboard.  I suggest checking with the manufacturer to make certain that the card that you choose will fit into your computer without causing problems.


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Re: Upgrade to USB 3.0

Hi old_geekster,

Many thanks for your suggestion.  I will be going away for several weks so I will contact HP when I get back in November to talk over your suggestion.

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Re: Upgrade to USB 3.0

Smiley HappyHi cornwall7m,


The HP TouchSmart 610-1188hk Desktop PC with WJ1 (Inglewood) motherboard has

  • One PCI Express x16 module socket for MXM graphics card
  • Two PCI Express x1 mini card sockets

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Re: Upgrade to USB 3.0

Hi Hema,


This could be an interesting solution!  My Touchsmart 610-1188hk is an all-in-one PC so it has no system case like an ordinary desktop PC, just a 23" display.


The link that old_geekster gave me for the USB 3.0 mini card showed a photo of a mini card for fixing into a system case in order to access the two ports on the card. I have doubts that such a card can be fitted onto my PC's motherboard unless I leave the back of the PC/display open for access to the two USB ports on the card.


Will have to wait until I get back in November to see whether this is feasible.

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Re: Upgrade to USB 3.0

Hi Cornwall,

Unfortunately, this unit is not upgradeable.  USB ports you see on the side and on the rear are all parts of the motherboard and there are no extra slots/knock-outs for additional USB ports.




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Re: Upgrade to USB 3.0

Hi Chris,


I had a nasty suspicion that this was the reality with my Touchsmart 610-1188hk.  I have seen somewhere a photo of the rear USB ports in which two of these were marked with the super speed USB 3.0 logo sign. Unfortunately I can't remember where I saw it. Doubtless HP will bring out this upgrade to the Hong Kong models one day to keep up with the Apple 27" all-in-one and the Lenovo 23" B520 all-in-one.


Many thanks for clarifying this point for me.

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Re: Upgrade to USB 3.0

I bought two HP touchsmart, one came with usb 2.0 in the back and the other with USB 3.0, the newer one came with USB 2.0, why was i robbed of USB 3.0

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Re: Upgrade to USB 3.0

WRONG, WRONG, WRONG!!!  I bought the card, installed with no problem, BUT it requires a power supply plug, called a Molex, and my relatively HP Compaq doesn't have an extra power plug.  I have never seen a PC without a single extra Molex plug -- for instance, you might want to install another disc drive.  I was told by the card mfgr and the retailer, that Molex multi-plugs are available, BUT that it might create too heavy a load and burn out the power supply.  I contacted HP and maybe you got a response; I certainly didn't.  The FAQ online, and manual, was no help.  Does anybody out there know whether you can safely get a Molex extension and use it for the USF 3.0 card???

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