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What is the motherboard data transfer rate on an HP G60-243CL?

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I bought my HP G60-243CL notebook from Costco 3 yrs ago and continues to work flawlessly. Since then I've maxed out the 320 Gig HDD. A few days ago I transferred all my media files to an external 1.5 Terabyte HDD. I also removed and uninstalled all the software that did not come with the laptop pre-installed. I ran the Disk Cleaner to wipe out temporary files... etc. I pretty much left the laptop in Out-Of-The-Box condition... I also ran the Windows Disk Defragment application.  Although, it does have all of the Windows Update updates. I doubt the above mentioned is relevant to my following question. The laptop came with two PC2-5300 RAM modules... one 1 Gig and one 2 Gig. I replaced both with two 2 Gig PC2-6400 modules/memory sticks. Other than that hardware upgrade, I also upgraded to Windows 7 64-Bit Ultimate Edition. Now, I'm also considering upgrading the HDD to a SSD. I understand the Read/Write speeds increase as SSD memory capacity increases (depending on the model)... for ex: there's a huge difference in data transfer rate speeds in a 32 Gig SSD compared to a 256 Gig SSD. At least that's what I've noticed. I'm interested in installing a CRUCIAL 512 Gig or possibly a CRUCIAL 256 Gig SSD. The Read/Write speeds are 500MB/s and 260MB/s respectively or 230MB/s and 190MB/s (again, depending on the model). My question is noted in the SUBJECT field. Can you please help me make a wise decision? I would like as much detailed technical info as possible. Thanx... :-) 

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What is the motherboard data transfer rate on an HP G60-243CL?

This laptop is equipped with SATA I, which is 150Gbit/s. You wont reach the maximum speed of your SSD but it will be much faster then your current old school spinner drive. An SSD will always outperform a normal HDD. Plus you should see a bump in battery life as well.

Hope this helps!
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