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Doesn't Print Black Ink

Hello, I have a Photosmart C6380 All-In-One Printer.  It won't print in black ink.  The other colors work fine.  I've changed the 4 smaller cartridges because they were all low/empty.  The bigger black cartridge is about half full yet, maybe slightly under so I haven't changed it yet.  When I print, it prints all the other colors except the black.  I really don't want to buy another cartridge with it still having plenty of ink left.  However, the other day I tried making a copy just for the heck of it.  Dang it, it printed the copy just fine.  I shook the cartridge twice.  The first time right before printing thinking maybe that would help.  The second time right before I did the copy.  So why will it work for the copy part, but not the print part? 


I also tried setting it back to the factory settings, but that didn't help either.  Also, I've been having problems with the desktop, so I can't try printing it again until I get that working.  I've tried to download the software for the printer on my laptop, but that won't work.  I'd like to also be able to print wirelessly with my laptop and printer.  How can I do that once I get the software downloaded?



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Re: Doesn't Print Black Ink

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Hello AmandaS96,

I'm looking for some help for you...hopefully I'll have something soon.


EDIT: hopefully the following is helpful: support link for this product.

I'm thinking the issue could be one of the following:

1. The vent on the cartridge is plugged (air must enter as ink is withdrawn).

2. The PHA needs cleaning.

3. The capping mechanism has foreign material on it causing the black cap (separate from the color cap) to not adequately seal the PHA face.




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Re: Doesn't Print Black Ink

The color cartridges are typically used when printing copies unless the printer is set for enhanced text and the document being copied is recognized as text.  Try printing a test page as shown in step 4 here.  If the black is not printing follow the troubleshooting steps in that page, especially looking at the vents and cleaning the printhead.  After the first seven steps if the problem still exists the following may help.


Please read this post then provide some details.   What operating system?  Running the diagnostics at may help resolve the issue.

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Re: Doesn't Print Black Ink

Ever since I have had my c6380 I have had a difficult time printing. My printer continually tells me that my magenta ink is missing or damaged. I *rarely* print anything...maybe 50 pages since I've owned the printer. I have replaced the ink 3 times now. I have followed the instructions on removing my cartridges and reinstalling them. The printer is no longer under warranty. How do I fix this?

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Re: Doesn't Print Black Ink

I've been struggling with the same issue for several days and FINALLY found a solution.  I've tried everything the other forum members have suggested...nothing worked....until........the person from Arizona (I love Arizona) suggested soaking the print head in alcohol for 5 or 10 min. then drying it as much as possible but then letting it air dry overnight. THIS WORKED!! 

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Re: Doesn't Print Black Ink

I've had the same problem (black ink not printing and allignment failure) for several days and have tried everything the HP website and the other Forum members suggested.  Nothing worked UNTIL I tried the solution from the person in Arizona (I love Arizona!).  I soaked the print head in 70% Isopropyl rubbing alcohol for about 10 minutes.  I dried it best I could with paper towels and Q-tips.  Then I let it air dry overnight!  IT WORKED!!!!  Test paper printed black and all the other colors perfectly.  Allignment was SUCCESSFUL!  THANK YOU, ARIZONA.

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