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HP 6500 - E709n Clogged Printhead???

My HP 6500 -  E709n prints with streaked and erratic colors. I just replaced print cartridges and this is still happening. I have run the clean printhead utility several times and still no change. Can anyone please offer suggestions on how to clean printheads. Or  suggest another issue that may be occurring. Thank you

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Re: HP 6500 - E709n Clogged Printhead???

In the HP software Printer Actions / Maintenance Tasks, have you tried the other tools? If the "Clean Printheads" didn't work--as you say it did not--I would try "Align Printheads". If that doesn't work I would try the other two buttons: "Print Quality Diagnostics Page" and "Print Diagnostics Information." Then I would ask myself if I trust my cartridges. Did I install them properly? Are they old (I've read that old cartridges may have ink-flow problems)? Are they non-HP cartridges? Even if my answers to the last two questions are yes, before buying new cartridges, I would try using HP telephone support. (If you are no longer on warranty, they may--or may not--charge you.)


I apologize if my suggestions were dumb.


Good luck.


(I have an 6500A E710a-f, which is not precisely yours. Maybe our software is different. If it is, sorry.)

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Re: HP 6500 - E709n Clogged Printhead???



I suggest to manually clean the contact point s of the printhead and the contact ponts of the carriage..


If this issue not resolved, next step is to call Hp contact support to replace your printhead.


Hope this will help...=)

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Re: HP 6500 - E709n Clogged Printhead???

Just had this problem, and did the following:  removed cartridges, lift gray lever to free printhead, remove printhead, soak in a shallow solution of soapy water for about 5 minutes (be careful that water level does not reach contact points on back), swirl around a couple of times while soaking, remove and sit on paper towels to drain, use hairdryer on low heat to thoroughly dry printhead, gently wipe any residue off bottom where ink comes out, reinstall and after initialization, try printing.  Worked great for me, especially since parts aren't available, and saved me from buying a new printer.  Too bad HP doesn't add this to their solution list, but then they wouldn't sell as many printers.  If you printer is out of warranty, like mine was, it was worth a shot versus buying a new one.

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Re: HP 6500 - E709n Clogged Printhead???

I soaked the printhead in just plain warm water keeping it off the contacts and then let it dry and then used the blow drier on low warm to make sure all the water was gone.  Printer now works great.  Thanks

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