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HP 6500 prints colors but not black

HP6500 all-in-one (E709n) used with Win XP and Windows 7.  It is about 4 years old (files installed fall 2008).


It printed with no problems Monday. Last night it printed colors, but NOT BLACK ink.  The printer and "solution center" both showed the black cartridge to be about 50% full, which seems reasonable. 

It also does not print anything when I copy a black & white document. 

When I print a grid with heavy black lines, the resulting print is a very faint silvery gray.


I tried a print quality test, and got only the colors, no black.

I ran the first level of cleaning the printheads, which made no difference.

I replaced the black cartridge with a brand new one; no difference.


I changed some text to red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet, surrounded by black text, all in bold.  The result was full colors, and the black was the faint silvery gray, but only in the area with the colors.

I turned the printer off and unplugged the USB and power (unplugged from source also), rebooted the win7 PC, powered up the printer, and printed.  Again, there was still no difference.


Am I missing something?  Is this a problem with the printhead?

If so, is it replaceable by the owner?  Is that worth doing, as opposed to buying a new printer?

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Re: HP 6500 prints colors but not black

This is most likely a printhead problem. The printhead filter the ink and puts it on the paper. If the cartridge has been replaced, I would think it's going to be the printhead causing the problem. 


I would try an alignment. If that fails, it's the printhead. If it succeeds it may resolve the problem. 


Replacing a printhead is going to be around 50$. Most customers prefer to purchase another printer. With the printer being 4 years old and out of warranty, it would be at your cost. I would suggest calling our tech support. We have upgrades available that are discounted for customers with printers with us already. 




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Re: HP 6500 prints colors but not black

Thanks Sammantha,


You got it. Alignment failed, more head cleaning did no good, and alignment failed again.  I agree that spending $50+ on this printer makes no sense, and I will replace it. 


Anyone who reads your response should know what to expect if they phone the 800-number.

You will get someone who offers one of a few "upgrade" options, which are reconditioned HP printers, meaning it may have been used, or just returned as unsold stock.  The price is about $10 below the current HP online sale price.  These printers come with next-day delivery, and a one-year HP factory warranty, BUT you can purchase a 2nd year of warranty for only $1.00, so they effectively have a 2-year warranty.


The kicker is that, once they get your name and printer info, you get the extra year of warranty for 1 buck only if you buy the reconditioned printer in that phone call.  Whether or not that is a good deal is a personal decision.


So if someone is thinking of taking HP up on thiis option, with a free (almost) 2nd year factory warranty, they should research current prices of HP printers, and any competitors being considered, BEFORE phoning.


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Re: HP 6500 prints colors but not black-AlmostTheEndOfTheStory

I thought forum users might want to know how this story played out.


I fell for the pitch, and decided to buy the reconditioned printer and 2-yr warranty, and the guy I was talking to transferred me to his "supervisor." (Sounds like a car lot?)  HP6700 "upgrade" arrived Fri pm.  I unpack it, etc later, and by 11pm I am on the phone because there is an ink cartridge problem. The tech cannot figure out what is wrong, and I talk to someone else.


It is almost midnight. I am given choice of (1) return it, and HP will send another after they get this one back, or (2) put another on my charge card, and they will send it promptly.  Neither sounds like a good idea, and I tell him I'll decide next day.  The papers with the 6700 say I have 5 days to return for full refund if the "upgrade product is not acceptable." I packed it up, took it to fedex Monday, and went to the big box office store , and bought a new all-in-one printer.


When I got home, I phoned and told the person I was returning the "upgrade" for full refund.  Got call back from supervisor, and explained all to him. He agreed I had right to do this, and would have refund in less than 1 week.  TODAY is ONE MONTH since fedex tracking verified receipt of the 6700 by HP, and after speaking with 6 more people (the last one told me 15 to 20 days) at HP, STILL NO REFUND.  I've deducted the costs from my CC payment and filed a documented dispute with the CC co for being charged for a returned purchase. They have given me the credit, not HP.




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Re: HP 6500 prints colors but not black

I am sending your issue to the appropriate people. They will be in contact with you through the forum inbox by way of private message.

I am a former employee of HP...
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Re: HP 6500 prints colors but not black-AlmostTheEndOfTheStory

This is the same problem I have, although a different printer.  I can't make black ink work, but I appreciate your answer re: answer you received from  HP.

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