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HP Photosmart 5510 wont print black ink, possible internal ink leakage

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I noticed a few days ago that my photosmart 5510 printer was not printing anything in grayscale. The printer was only printing out a blank page. Since the black cartridge was running low I deciced to replace the cartridge with a new genuine HP XL black cartridge. This didn't seem to work so I replaced the cyan, magenta and yellow cartridges as well since they were running low. Again this didn't seem to resolve the issue with the black ink not printing. I already tried un plugging the printer, restoring factory settings, cleaning the ink head (as well as manually cleaning the black ink head) , uninstalling and reinstalling the printers software on my computer and making sure that each cartridge is properly vented correctly. I tried printing out a document that included color which printed out fine but it still left out anything that was supposed to be black on the page.


I decided to investigate the inside of the printer a little further with a flashlight while it was unplugged. Everything seemed fine until I move the ink carriage to the left and noticed that where the ink carriage normally sits on the far right, was full of black ink. Splatters of black ink are located all over the intermal structure of the printer. The padding that sits on the inside base of the printer is soaked in black ink as well. I have no idea whether or not this is normal or whether or not this is the reason why the black ink isn't printing properly, but I have pictures if anyone is interested in seeing.

The possiblity of replacing the printer upsets me very much seeing as I just purchased $90 of ink only yesterday.

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Re: HP Photosmart 5510 wont print black ink, possible internal ink leakage

Is the printer still in warranty?  If so Contact HP for service.


For the Photosmart 5510 the troubleshooting steps in the document here may help.  Especially make sure the vents are cleared.  If that does not resolve the issue then resetting the printer as described in the post here may help.  If this does not resolve the issue then read the entire thread here and try requesting reset instructions.


The ink you see in the service station area is normal, this is the area where the printhead "spits" ink to keep the printhead from clogging.


If all else fails the video here may help resolve the issue.





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Re: HP Photosmart 5510 wont print black ink, possible internal ink leakage

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Hi Bob,


Thank you for providing me with this information. I have tried all of the steps you provided and more multiple times. Unfortunately my printer has been out of warranty for nine months so I can't contact anyone. It is such a waste since this printer is only under 2 years old.


I have changed all of my ink cartridges yesterday. I have already cleaned my printheads only three times which has used up more than three quarters of my cyan, magenta and yellow ink cartridges in under 24 hours for nothing.


Even though the printer has not printed out a single drop of black ink since I replaced it, the estimated ink levels on my printer still shows the black ink depleting. (alomst half of an extra large black cartridge is used up, to be exact)


The pool of black ink that has collected underneath the print head is starting to be more of a concern for me for whether this is the source of the problem or not. The fact that I can no longer get into contact with HP other than through this forum because my warranty expired under a year ago really makes me frustrated and makes me question how well this company's performance is with their customers.


I have tried absoluetely everything there is to try to fix this problem for the past two days. I would like the request this "semi-full reset" secret, seeing as this is the last resort before I can officially confirm that there is nothing left I can do.

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Re: HP Photosmart 5510 wont print black ink, possible internal ink leakage

Hi @Samantha88 

I'm going to private message you on this.




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