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How to turn off, disable, or reset ink level warnings and messages

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I have spent hours on the internet trying to figure out how to turn off, disable, or reset ink level warnings and messages. The ink cartridges I bought are not expensive HP brands, but reasonably priced generic print cartridges. They work great, and I have no issues printing. But HP apparantly has gone through a lot of trouble making it difficult for customers to disable the annoying low ink level warnings that pester you every single time you try to print a page. Regardless of whether the ink cartridges are completely full. This is obviously an attempt to punish consumers who buy anything other than the HP products. I am about to swear off to never, EVER, buy another HP product again. I am also on the verge of posting horrible reviews on Amazon, Ebay, New Egg, and every other place I can think of to warn potential customers of this despicable behavior from HP.


Model: CN219A

Serial number:[Personal Information Removed]

Name: HP Photosmart Plus B210e series (Network)

Windows 7, printer is on my wireless network.


If anyone knows how to do this, please let me know, before I take a sledge hammer to my HP printer. Thanks

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Re: How to turn off, disable, or reset ink level warnings and messages

Hi portaadonai,


I would like to help you with your ink pop up troubles. Open this link by wade1027 on How to disable ink level notifications. You should be able to disable the pop from there.


Let me know if this helped.


Thank you,

I worked on behalf of HP.
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Re: How to turn off, disable, or reset ink level warnings and messages

That was nice of you Advance23

I do not mind the reminder so turning the message doesn't suit me as muc as resetting it. Is this possible?

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Re: How to turn off, disable, or reset ink level warnings and messages

there was a court decision that has caused hp kodak and other manufacturers to be required to make allowances to turn off the fake level estimate program . they do not tell you how much ink is in the cartridge but deduct from the amount for each page printed regardless of ink usage. the chip receives a signal everytime the cartridge is used when the count is full it reports to the printer that the ink is could refill the cartridge but the chip will have to be replaced . there are two types of replacement chips. one like the OEM . One that always reports some level.

Go to ebay and research the ink suppliers they will have the solution also there is the continuos ink flow t up that has tubes running to the outside to tanks with incredible amounts of ink. remember not every one is on your side in this and i looked at around 50 listings before coming up with what i will buy (extenal refillable tanks) the procucers at HP even have changed the cartridges so as to eliminate the ablity to remove and replace the chip by making it part of the cartridge.

the profits for hp on ink alone exceeds total sales of laptops . they will not easily let go of this cash cow . i bought some older cartridges so i can replace the chips . good luck as I love the printer but hate being gouged for water soluable ink.

good luck one and all and i hope this will post not being on there side beyond buying the printer.

Hey Buttheads up top in HP get us some full cartridge sets at 20 dollars and make yourselves a houshold word again.

Galaxyman believes it all should fit together some how.






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