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Refill and Reset issues with Deskjet 3052A printer and 61xl black cartridge

Yesterday, my brand new black OEM 61xl cartridge ran out of ink. I only had it for a few weeks, but that cartridge sure did go fast (faster than the little starter cartridges, I swear!). This is a home printer that is only used by me for personal use.  I question how much ink was in it when I bought it. Of course, they don't disclose the ml's on the packaging convenient for them, huh?


Anyway, I decided to refill it. This was my first attempt for this printer and what an utter failure. I researched. I used 2 other cartridges to fool the memory technique to no avail. Instructions online for which contact parts to tape are either non-existent for this cartridge or are as clear as mud so I couldn't  even try that...this is where a picture would have been worth a thousand words.


It would print an alignment page just fine. So I'd think it was successful. But when I tried to print or copy something, it would print the top part and act like it ran out of ink toward the bottom. The same with trying to clean the printheads. It would start the black stripe and quit about two thirds of the way across. There was less black to be had with each successive cleaning I tried. If I started over, the first cleaning would have the same generous amount of black ink but diminish as before. I was wasting the ink in my brand new color cartridge so I quit messing with that.


I got error messages galore (not OEM! Counterfeit! The sky is falling!). The ink is obviously coming out of the cartridge so that's not the problem. All I know is I have a good oem cartridge full of the same black refill ink I've been using in HP cartridges for years.


I really don't care what happens to this piece of crap cheapo printer so I'm not interested in hearing how much HP has my best interests at heart. Tell that to somebody gullible. If I ruin it with cheapo ink, so what? And the counterfeit BS is a bogus excuse too.


Yesterday I had to go out and buy a new cartridge. So today I found a printer like I used to have (1315) for $20 on Craig's list. Heck, I have tons of 56, 57 and 58 cartridges for that baby and you can refill for that printer all day long. I won't be picking that up until next week though so if somebody knows how to get around the attempts to be GREEN with this printer and cartridges, I sure would appreciate the help. Maybe which contacts to tape on this cartridge? Or which HP exec's head to throw this printer at? I'm open for suggestions. Otherwise, as soon as the next cartridge runs out in this waste of time and money, it's going straight to a landfill where it belongs so it won't be wasting anyone else's time or money. Thanks!






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Re: Refill and Reset issues with Deskjet 3052A printer and 61xl black cartridge

It appears you have introduced an air bubble into the cartridge standpipe, resulting in ink starvation as you print.  


HP's Pageyield site lists the 61xl cartridge as 8.5mL.

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Re: Refill and Reset issues with Deskjet 3052A printer and 61xl black cartridge

Thanks for the yield site and info. I hope there's a fix for the air bubble. I'll research that. Thanks for the info!!!

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Re: Refill and Reset issues with Deskjet 3052A printer and 61xl black cartridge

I looked up how to handle the air bubble and it's fixed! Thanks for the much needed tip. And remember when HP cartridges used to hold 19ml? Those cartridges used to last forever between refills!
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Re: Refill and Reset issues with Deskjet 3052A printer and 61xl black cartridge

Anyone want to share where I can find info on clearing this air bubble? I get continuous counterfeit errors and "incompatible cartridge" errors on this printer using refilled cartridges - much like the OP. Nothing makes me want to throw things like fighting this printer does. I tried to google "air bubble in HP 3052a cartridge standpipe" and got only this thread as a hit. 



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