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M425DN becomes unresponsive when exiting sleep mode

I have two M425DN MFPs that won't completely 'wake up' when they are being brought out of sleep mode.  The problem seems to be random.  Sometimes the MFP will wake out of sleep mode, sometimes they will freeze when exiting sleep mode.  When we tap the touchscreen to wake the unit, the backlight comes on, but the MFP does not respond otherwise.  There is no 'beep', and the display doesn't change -- you can tap an icon and there is no response.  They also appear to stop receiving faxes.  I have updated the firmware to datecode 20131216 on both MFP's, but they both still exhibit this problem.


The firmware upgrade makes it worse because the option to disable sleep mode is removed.  


The only way to get the MFP to respond again is to power-cycle the MFP.


Both of the MFPs are not networked -- they are only used for faxing and copying.


We are concerned because we may not be receiving faxes overnight, and the staff are complaining about having to reboot the MFP's each morning and throughout the day as they 'go to sleep'.


Any ideas?  See attached video for a demonstration of the problem.


Also, HP, can you please bring back the option to disable sleep mode?  Also, please allow MP4 attachments...  I had to zip this MP4 to upload it.  





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Re: M425DN becomes unresponsive when exiting sleep mode

If there is no fix, is there a way to downgrade the firmware to a firmware that has the option to disable sleep mode?


Thank you,



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Re: M425DN becomes unresponsive when exiting sleep mode

There is also a case open regarding this issue.  Please see case # 73381483 and case ID 4647707498.


One printer SN is CND8F761YB.  The other printer SN is CND8F76246.





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Re: M425DN becomes unresponsive when exiting sleep mode

The problem seems to be related to something environmental.  Both M425DN's experience problems at around the same time.  They are both located in different offices on different electrical supplies.  The M425DN's can go for days without a problem, then they will both lock up constantly throughout the day on the same day.  Sometimes they will reboot themselves and lock up during the "Initializing" process.  Quite frustrating.  My users are irritated because of this.  


Both M425DNs are not connected to the network.  I replaced one with another that was in storage.  I brought one of the malfunctioning units to my office and connected it to the network.  It performed some kind of automatic upgrade (the printer rebooted and did an update), but the firmware version stayed the same?  I'm curious if this automatic update corrects some of the stability issues?


At this time I don't plan on purchasing any more M425DNs, or maybe HPs in general, as HP has never responded to my open case regarding this issue.  I'm concerned at this point about the quality of HP support, and I'm tired of hearing my users complain about these M425DN printers.

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Re: M425DN becomes unresponsive when exiting sleep mode

Here's the reply I got from HP.  Notice they won't let me update the case.  They replied and immediately closed the case.  What's the deal with HP printer support and overall quality?  Really gone down-hill.  If there are any HP representatives who review these boards, I highly suggest you get your ducks in a row.  I'm not buying any more of these printers until you can straighten this mess out.


We are sorry, but we were unable to process your request.

The Case with ID "4726346115" is closed or does not exist and cannot be updated. 

If you believe the case is open, please check you have not included any spaces in your case reference. Updates to existing cases must include the string "<CASE:xxxxxxxxxx>" in the subject line where xxxxxxxxxx is the 10 character Case ID. There can be no spaces in this string.
Example: <CASE:1234567890>

IMPORTANT: Replies to this email will not be monitored or processed, and will not result in an update to your case.

---------------Original Message ---------------------------------
From: john.holcombe@co.wilson.tx.us 
To: hpsupport_global@hp.com 
Sent: 4/17/2014 11:06:34 PM 
Subject: RE: <CASE:4726346115> 

The option to turn off "Sleep Delay" is not there in the newer firmware.
Can you check into this?



-----Original Message-----
From: HPSupport_Global [mailto:wfm@g5u0677c.atlanta.hp.com
Sent: Thursday, April 17, 2014 6:05 PM
To: john.holcombe@co.wilson.tx.us
Subject: <CASE:4726346115> 

Dear John,

Thank you for contacting HP eDelivery.

This e-mail is in reference to the 4726346115.

This e-mail is in regards to your HP LaserJet M425dn MF printer issue and
when you try to print any document whilst the printer is in sleep mode, the
printer does not respond to the print job given. Also, when you try to send
a fax and when you receive a fax at that time, the fax job that is sent gets

You could turn off the sleep mode option by performing the following steps
on your printer:

1). Go to System Setup menu > Energy Settings > Sleep Delay > Off.

2), Please note that fax cannot work simultaneously for both sending and
receiving of faxes on your printer.

To know which of our printers could do this job simultaneously, I suggest
that you get in touch with the HP product specialists in our Product
Information group for more information regarding pre-sales and the newest HP
products. This is the best group to provide this type of information.
Product Information can be reached at 1-800-752-0900.

Our Hewlett-Packard representatives are trained professionals who can help
you decide on the right HP product for you.

We will go ahead and close this case. If you have any other queries, please
feel free to get back to us and we would be glad to be of assistance.

Thank you again for contacting HP e-Delivery.

Jack K | Technical Support Engineer | HP Delivery

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Re: M425DN becomes unresponsive when exiting sleep mode

I am having the same problem that started when I upgraded to latest firmware version 20131216 dated
using the 10 Jan 2014. I am using the LAN interface. The HP engineer's solution doesn't exist in this latest firmware. Nor does it exist in the web interface. I have it set to "wake up" on all 4 events and to never go to sleep. However, it won't wake up unless I push the flashing power button ... then it prints. Sometimes the power button is off, in which case it won't print at all; I have to power cycle the printer and restart the print job. (Insert Expletive Here)
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Re: M425DN becomes unresponsive when exiting sleep mode

Same issue here. Contacted HP and they gave the exact same "fix" which does not exist on this model, then closed the case.


The Case with ID "4648069988" is closed or does not exist and cannot be updated.


Use the left and right arrow buttons to select System Setup on the LCD
screen and press OK.
Use the arrows to select Energy Settings and press OK.
Use the arrows to select Sleep Delay and press OK.
Use the arrows to set the Sleep Delay to Off and press OK.



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Re: M425DN becomes unresponsive when exiting sleep mode

I had a similar problem with an HP Color LaserJet Pro MFP M177fw printer -- had to power-cycle it to get it to print after going into Sleep mode. No firmware updates available, and no option to set Sleep Mode to Never.


I changed the "Auto Off/Manual On after:" setting from Never to 8 hours. I saved that setting, then reset it to Never, and saved it again. Haven't had any issues with it since then (knock on wood).


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Re: M425DN becomes unresponsive when exiting sleep mode

I am having the same problem....


However i've updated to the newest firmware, and I don't have the option to disable Sleep/Auto OFF.. I can only select 1hr as the maximum time before it sleeps.

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Re: M425DN becomes unresponsive when exiting sleep mode

Got the LaserJet 400 MFP M425dn on the 1st of Aug.  Kept getting "Initializing" every few days which would lock up the printer and could not receive faxes.  Only solution was to recycle power.  Did a search and HP forum discussion suggested to install latest firmware 3 June 2014 that addresses several fixes on issues of reliability and waking from sleep mode.  Successfully installed the firmware 20140521 but Initializing problem continued.


Contacted technical support and was told by both the rep and eventually the supervisor that "there are no know issues with the printer and that they do not know anything about the HP web site or firmware".  She had me cycle the power to the printer and do a test page which it did do.  Then told me that the printer is working fine and was closing the case.  I insisted that she had me do the same thing I had been doing for the past couple of weeks and she did not fix nor address anything with her procedure.   She said that the printer was working fine and she would transfer me to HP sales who sold me the printer.


I waited for the transfer and then told the story to the salesman who could not believe what had happened and conferenced me in back to the technician and for 15 minutes they had an discussion that was going nowhere and escalating.  The Sales supervisor then got on the phone and also got into it with the Technical support representative which then escalated to her supervisor.  Could not believe what I was hearing.  The HP Sales reps were frustrated because they could not get a clear resolution and then demanded to get the Technical Support reps names and speak to anyone else that could help with this issue. In the end Technical support said they only have basic support capability and they are not trained nor aware of the HP website nor firmware updates or any issues that they "fix" per the HP download website.  She just kept repeating that “there are no know issues with the printer”. The problem with this was that Sales could not send me a replacement printer because Technical Support said the printer was "working fine" and there are "no known issues with the printer", thus Sales had their hands tied and could not send me a replacement.


This made the Sales rep and Supervisor angry and they could not believe what was happening and were very sympathetic.  The Sales supervisor finally said that he would override the case and if I wanted would send me a replacement printer… I wanted to exhaust every possibility before getting a new printer and have to go through this again if it was not a printer specific issue but a printer family issue.  Neither Sales nor Technical support could tell me if HP Engineering were working on a new firmware since the 3 June 2014 one obviously did not fix the Initializing issue. The Sales supervisor offered to use his back channels to see what he could find out, apparently since they can’t find this out via normal channels and Technical Support “had no way to find this out”. I was willing to deal with the nuisance for a little while longer if a new firmware was being worked on that would address this issue.


The other option Technical support did offer was to go to a regional service center to have the printer "repaired" even though the printer was "working fine".  This time I pushed back on the 3-way conference call and asked if there was a Tier-2 level support but was told that that was only for Technical support to talk to Technical support.  So I said well can't you talk to them and see if they know about this issue and if anything else can be done but was told that they cannot talk to them.  I then asked if there is any other group that can help and she said they have a Software Technical Support group and I asked to talk to them.  Once transferred the Software Tech Rep they were much more helpful and knowledgeable and knew of several calls with the same Initializing issue.  He said that their database was different than the Technical Support database and cold see other similar cases. He proceeded to have me verify the firmware version and then capture the error codes in the browser log file by using the IP address of the printer. No luck with the codes other than pointing to a possible main board issue. Unfortunately there is no table that gives the public what the error code is in reference to since when the description filed is blank. He then asked that I plug the printer straight into the wall and bypass the power strip I was using.  (A day later it still hung up Initializing)  In the end he said that he thought it was a printer specific issue with the main board and suggested to get a replacement printer if the Sales Rep would still send one, which they said they would.


Well there you have it, total time was over 2 hours on the phone. It was a bad technical support experience and was left with the realization that HP has disconnects between their Sales, Technical, Software, Website and Engineering departments and unfortunately continued problems with this otherwise fantastic printer.


The replacement is on its way. Time will tell.

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