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Unable to detect network printer located on a different subnet

HP Printer

HP Photosmart C6280

Firmware COxxFN0723BR


Network Setup in a nutshell

I run a network with multiple subnets in the home. The router being used has 4 nics each corresponding to their own subnet. Subnet #1 is internet / external, Subnet #2 is servers, Subnet #3 is wired devices, and Subnet #4 is wireless devices.


HP Printer location

I have the HP printer currently installed on Subnet #3.


Issue Details

Devices on Subnet #3 can successfully connect to the printer for printing, scanning, and the web interface. This works very well. Issues begin when attempting to access the printer from devices on another subnet such as Subnet #4 (wireless). Devices on Subnet #4 can ping the printer and acess the web interface, but are not detected by the HP Installation Wizard or Network Installation Wizard.



The firewall used on the router logs all dropped or rejected packets. It currently is set to allow ICMP and Ping in addition to TCP 9100, 9220, 9500, 80 and UDP 427,137,161,3702,5353 from all subnets to the printer. When running the Installation Wizard or the Network Installation Wizard, no packets are logged as dropped or rejected.



It is noted that a packet is sent (allowed through the firewall) via port 427 and 3702 from the computer to the printer, however the printer never responds to these packets. This begs the question: Is there a misconfiguration on the printer? A broken printer? Or is the printer crippled to not allow packets from different subnets for printer discovery, printing, and scanning?

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Re: Unable to detect network printer located on a different subnet

I believe the installer is behaving as expected.  From the 6280 users guide:


NOTE: It is recommended that the HP All-in-One and the computers that
use it all reside on the same subnet.


One reason might be that the printer having the ability to see across subnets would allow you to see your neighbors printer and install to it.  Most users would not appreciate that feature.


One possible work around would be to temporarily put the computer on the same subnet as the printer and run the install.  Next move the computer back to its original subnet. I believe this will work fine unless and until the IP on the printer changes.  The printer software might not be able to recognize the printers IP change across subnets. 

You sound very technical.  If you do use the printer across subnets you might want to give the printer a permanent IP.  That way the software won't have to try to find the printer do to an IP change.



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