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ink system failure officejet pro 8600 Plus

Trying to install officejet pro 8600 and the control panel shows "ink system failure" and I can not get past that. Any suggestions

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Re: ink system failure officejet pro 8600 Plus

Hi Mocus,


I understand that your printer is showing ink system failure.  I am linking you to a troubleshooting document that maybe able to assist.


Officejet 8600


Let me know how it goes.

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Re: ink system failure officejet pro 8600 Plus

Hi there,


Hope the previous Troubleshooting steps works for you.

Subsequently, you might want try out this if it does not:


Is your printer still within warranty?

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Re: ink system failure officejet pro 8600 Plus

Not sure if this is a permanent fix, but it worked for me, and is working now.


I found that if I reset the printhead several times, sometimes the printer would return to normal and work for awhile. After several times of doing this, I found that if I "lifted" the printhead as much as possible without releasing the latch, that seemed to return the printer to normal operation. So I pulled the printhead out, and determined what part of it needed to be "shimmed" to keep it "up". On the back bottom there are 2 small (about 1/4" X 1/4") square "blocks" that hold the printhead in place when latched in. Just forward (toward front of printer) there are 2 skinny plastic "rails" that the printhead rests on. I took a roll of black electrical tape and cut sections about 5/16" wide, and wrapped 2 layers over the plastic "rails" to effectively raise the printhead about .025". (That is 25 thousands, not 1/4). 


I will post later if I get more failure messages. It is working for now--

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Re: ink system failure officejet pro 8600 Plus


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Re: ink system failure officejet pro 8600 Plus

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I had a gentleman give me an 8600 Plus  printer due to the "INK SYSTEM FAILURE" as he didn't want to spend any money to fix same because he had seen so many other people complaining about the same failure. What do I have to lose so I started taking it apart and what do you know... THE SERVICE STATION WAS SO LOADED UP WITH INK, IT WAS UNABLE TO CYCLE FORE AND AFT. After much work trying to figure out how to get the SERVICDE STATION  out without breaking it, I finally managed to free it. I then put the service station in a bucket of warm water and dish detergent and kept running till the water was fairly clean. Upon close inspection of the service station engaging gear,( BEIGE SPLINED GEAR),  I feel that all the ink in the well was preventing proper operation of same. Long story short.. "THE PRINTER IS BACK TO FULL OPERATION AND ONLY COST ME A FEW HOURS OF DETERMINATION". Also I have to say I cleaned and lubed the carraige rail along with the ENCODER STRIP and it is working as advertised.


 Any questions, feel free to email me , [Personal Information Removed]

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