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FRUSTRATED jobs stuck in queue on Officejet 6500 with IP printing



I am especially frustrated because I just typed in a lot of specifics, and when I clicked "preview" my text vanished. Thanks, HP!


Like others, I have an Officejet 6500 E709n. I can print a test page, diagnostic page, from the HP Printer utility but cannot print any document. They just hang in the print queue with the message Network host '' is busy; will retry in 10 seconds... forever. Yes, I have tried removing and re-adding the printer and it gets found just fine.


I can print with USB.

I can print with Bonjour (but that's slow so I've turned it off)

It doesn't matter whether my OS X 10.5.8 laptop is connected wirelessly or by ethernet.


The printer is connected to the wireless router by ethernet. Right now, my mac is connected to the same router by ethernet. I just started the HP printer utility and printed the configuration page just fine, showing the ink levels.


I'm guessing that this is an IP problem, and that the HP Printer Utility uses a different protocol to connect to the printer. Yes?

I can print just fine from the Windows 7 computer which is connected by ethernet on the same network.IP addresses are properly reserved.


Please, someone help. I have major surgery coming up and won't be able to walk upstairs to the office, so I really want to be able to print wirelessly from downstairs. I bet once the wired printing works, the wirelss will, too.



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OK Almost gots it - everything but duplex

I deserve an HP recognition award, as I haven't seen any response on this board to anyone else having the same problem. BUT it isn't a complete fix.


I deleted the 6500 printer from the Mac (and believe me, I have deleted and then added it several times to no effect). But this time I used some very helpful hints from - get this - an HP website:


The key is not to add it as IP protocol, but as JetDirect. Put in the proper IP address. The Mac found the printer. I am able to print color and grayscale BUT I can't print duplex (two sided printing) which I could do before. And still can from the PC. If I select Duplex printing, it selects it, and I see it as an option where (I do have the duplexing printer) but the pages just print on one side. It's a temporary workaround. Dear HP: Is this enough of a hint? Could you please finish solving the problem?


to recap: if you can print test pages and connect to the 6500n printer using the HP Printer utility, but your print jobs hang up in the queue with a network busy message, you can change to JetDirect Socket for the printer protocol and at least force the darn jobs through the queue, but they won't print duplex.


C'mon, HP! I know you can do it if you want!

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SOLVED in a half-a**ed way

Well, thank you to the kind soul who wrote this:


(helpful text quoted below)

You can also change the driver of an existing printer:

1) System Preferences > Print & Fax

2) Click on your printer

3) Click the Options & Supplies button

4) Click on the Driver tab at the top

5) In "Print Using..." drop down, choose Select Printer Software...

6) Locate HP OfficeJet Pro L7700 in the popup list


I followed the directions to change my printer driver from OfficeJet 6500n to OfficeJet Pro L7700. Left the protocol on JetDirect.


Now I can print when connected to the ethernet - and I can print duplex. AND I can print wirelessly.


To summarize: if your print jobs are getting stuck in the queue when printing to an HP OfficeJet 6500n, but you can ping the printer or connect to it via HP Printer Utility, do the following workaround:


Change the protocol from IP to JetDirect

Change the printer driver from OfficeJet 6500n to OfficeJet Pro L7700.





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Re: SOLVED in a half-a**ed way

I fixed this for my Windows 7 PC using the HP Print Diagnostic Utility. Maybe there is one for the Mac.

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I signed up for the HP Passport junk JUST so I could give you a Kudos Bump.


That's the most ridiculous fix ever, but it works. Maybe they should just replace the 6500 driver with the L7700 driver.

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Re: SOLVED in a half-a**ed way

Thank you so much for posting your issues with printing. I just bought a new HP 6500 A Plus and fought all day with trying to print more than a test page. I am off to try your solutions. I am glad I am not alone out there. I almost got another Brother since their support is wonderful. Just call and they help you. HP could learn a little bit about Customer Service from Brother.

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Re: FRUSTRATED jobs stuck in queue on Officejet 6500 with IP printing

I know this post is dated but for those of you that still have a problem printing you can try changing the "link speed" on the printer itself. After setting a static IP address on my router and changing the link speed to a higher number of pages(100 pages) my printer is working flawlessly. I only did this on a whim as I had exhausted all my known forums and it was getting late. I hope this helps someone in the future.



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Re: FRUSTRATED jobs stuck in queue on Officejet 6500 with IP printing

I found this solution on another tread. I forgot to get the authors name to give him credit, but rest assure it wasn't someone from HP. Maybe next time HP will develop their software to automatically choose this option:


I fixed this problem by switching from print spooling to "print directly to printer."  The problem was the spooling over wifi.

With spooling turned off, my printer was fine.

You can access this setting (in Windows 7) by right clicking on printer in the devices and printers menu.

Then select "printer properties" and "HP officejet 6500 E710n-z network".

(Sometimes it takes a while for the properties page to appear (why, HP, why?)

Then go to the "Advanced" tab.

In the middle of the Advanced page is the option to spool or to print directly to printer - select the radio button for print directly to printer.


Anyway, the printer works fine in spool mode from one computer connected by wire to the router, but spooling does not work at all from my other computer connected by wifi.


Good luck - I've been working on this off and on for along time and I have grown to hate my once beloved printer.  I hope this heals your soul!

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Re: FRUSTRATED jobs stuck in queue on Officejet 6500 with IP printing

THIS was the answer.  I did not have turn off spooling, left it set to start printing immediately, changed the priority to 99 under advancesd and set the network wireless to 100 pages ful.  Ran fast as heck!!!  FINALLY!!!

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Re: #FistBump

Same here. You earned that KUDO! This solution saved my butt, because I needed to get this document printed. I wish it was as easy and painless to print to my HP OfficeJet 6500 E709N with my Mac as it is with my wife's Win7 laptop - but it's not. In any case, thank you.

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