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the meaning: broken pipe

Trouble message from printer CP1515n: Unable to write print data, broken pipe. What does broken pipe mean?

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Re: the meaning: broken pipe

sounds like something's become disconnected... please provide more info - 


Where is the message displayed?  At what point in the print job?  Which OS?, how is the device connected? What was the last printer sw installed?  If this just started happening, what thing(s) changed on your system right before?



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Re: the meaning: broken pipe

Basically the OS is telling you that it has lost the ability to write data to the printer.  This would typically be caused by some sort of corruption in the CUPS printing system.


The first thing I would try is Restting the print system and re-adding the printer.


To do this open System Preferences and then Open Print & Fax.  Then <control> click or right click on the blank space around the list of printers on the left hand side.  You should see a pop up menu and the option to Reset print system.


Once you select that the OS will restore the CUPS printing system to all the original default settings.  Thsi will of course erase all of your print queues.


Once that is done I would reboot the Macintosh and the printer.  Then go back to System Preferences--> Print & Fax and then re-add the printer.




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broken pipe

I'm on a Mac 10.6.8, successfully using my C310 printer until recently when I've had nothing but trouble. The newest message is "broken pipe" .


I've reset Network Set up Wizard on both computer and printer, unplugged, shut down, dropped and added printer, got successful network test and configuration reports from printer, everything shows printer is connected but, when I send a print job, the printer sits "idle" with the job showing "printing" and after about 2 minutes, I get a message saying "BROKEN PIPE".


The only answer I've found says something about CUSP but the instructions are for a Windows machine. My Mac does't have "right-click". Is there a Mac solution for people using Mac computers, please?

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Re: the meaning: broken pipe

Great answer! All is well again! Thank you!
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Re: the meaning: broken pipe

I too have had the same message on my C6380 printer. I recently upgraded to Mac OSX 10.8.

I have followed the instructions previously given but as with others the printer loads the document then after a few minutes deletes the job and I get the message broken pipe.

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Re: broken pipe

How do I fix a "broken pipe"...I am a Mac user...Help


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Re: broken pipe

Ihave had the same problem and this did not fix it.  Any suggestions please?

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Re: the meaning: broken pipe

[ Edited ]

So, "basically", I am supposed to jump through all of these hoops to get my POS HP printer to work with a Mac?  What a bunch of [Content Removed].  My HP successfully worked with my MacBook Pro up until a few OS updates ago.  What is HP doing to make its printers succesfully work with Apple?  Is this Apple's fault?  Or is this HP's fault?  I am sick of this run-around from HP about everything I need to do with my printer to make it work with my Apple.  I have removed, added, unplugged, restarted, rebooted and every other "re-" action that I can possibly think of or have been told to do, either by people versed in HP products or HP customer service reps telling me it is my computer and I am sick of it.  And the fact that I have an older HP printer should be no excuse either....  Either continue to support your product or don't expect me to buy new ones, because I won't.  At this point, I am seriously considering buying another brand of printer, because I have lost complete faith in the quality that used to be HP.  I am on my 3rd HP printer, and the first one i bought was back in the early 90s and that one worked a heck of a lot better than my current HP which is at most 5 years old or less.  I successfully print pages of documents or pictures and then ALL OF SUDDEN the stupid thing stops in the middle of printing and I am supposed to go through all of this to make my printer work again?  After I have wasted pages and ink?  I don't think so.  HEY HP, EITHER SUPPORT YOUR PRODUCT, GET IT TO WORK WITH APPLE OR I WILL LET EVERYONE I KNOW THAT USES AN APPLE TO NOT BUY AN HP PRODUCT EVER AGAIN!  


And for the record, I am running OS 10.8.5.

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Re: the meaning: broken pipe

Hi Manfred33, which printer model do you have? Thanks, Ciara

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