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what does, "printer is offline" mean?

There must be an easy and foolproof way to get the printer started again, but what is it? Sometimes I'm successful, and sometimes I'm not. I try unplugging the power cord and the cord connecting my printer to my computer. I also clear the jobs shown in the status window. Usually, I repeat these steps several times. Then, when my printer feels like starting again, it eventually starts....usually. 


While trying to fix my printer, I sometimes see the words, "printer is offline". I guess that's one of the reasons my printer won't work, but what does it mean, and what can I do about it?


I should add that this problem usually arises when a printing job is interrupted because of a paper jam.  Also, you should know  that I have a Macintosh running OS 10.6.7 and that I have a HP psc 1350 All-In-One printer-scanner-copier-


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Re: what does, "printer is offline" mean?



Printer offline means. It is not active right now.


There could be a number of reasons....


Printer is not communicating with computer.

Printer is in sleep mode.

Wireless connection lost. etc..



Just to make sure. Your printer is in ready mode (power light solid lit)

Then select the printer icon and click on - sign to remove it. And click on + sign add it agaIn.

it will search for the printer icon then will show you a list.

select your printer and click on add.


However, let me know what kind of connection are you using.

USB, ethernet or wireless.

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Re: What does, "printer is offline" mean?

Thanks for the advice. Fortunately, I won't be able to test it out until my printer goes AWOL again. By that i mean that it finally decided that I had waited long enough, so it started cooperating again. However, I have printed your words, so I'll be ready the next time it decides to take a break. It's really maddening. 


My printer is connected to my computer by cable through the computer's USB port.

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Re: what does, "printer is offline" mean?

I inherited an HP Officejet 5600 All In One series machine. the scanner and copier work fine but when i try to print ou a PDF file from my iMac I get the message the the "printer is currently offline".


what does this mean. the icon is bouncing up and down on the dock with a red exclamation point on it.

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Re: can not get printer on line.

 I have HP Laserjet 1012. I have a Mac OX s 10.6.8 operating sytsem.

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Re: what does, "printer is offline" mean?

I cannot get my Lexmark printer to print. All cords are in correctly. Please help

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Re: what does, "printer is offline" mean?

Printer offline what does this mean? Red exclamation point; Hewlett Packard printer
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