Capture.JPGI'm an Inside Wireman / Maintenance Electrician with 23 years in the trade. I currently work for a government contractor, maintaining and upgrading electrical systems and facilities. Previously, I have worked on the Nevada Test Site (aka the Nevada National Security Site), several electrical generation stations/plants, many governmental buildings (federal and local courts, DEA offices, etc.), and many high-rises / casinos.

I have an Associate of Science (High Honors) and an Associate of Art (High Honors) from the College of Southern Nevada. I have certificates from CompTIA in A+, Security+, and Networking+. Additionally, I have CIW v5 Associate, CIW Web Foundations Associate, and CIW Web Design Specialist certificates.
I came to the HP Support Forum in July 2011 to get help resolving a BIOS flash gone bad on one of my HP computers. While I didn't get the BIOS issue resolved immediately, I did notice I could help many other customers with their issues. I started providing assistance to those I could and got hooked. I spend much of my forum time answering questions in most of the desktop boards and some of the laptop / notebook boards. I enjoy sharing my technical knowledge with others and guiding customers to a resolution with their issues.

My first introduction to computers was the Apple][. I used to walk miles from school to a shop where they would let me use it for hours. Shortly after that I got my own VIC-20, then C=64. I taught myself binary, octal and hexadecimal as well as 6502 machine language and BASIC. In high school, I took computer courses using the TRS-80 series of computers, adding Z-80 machine language and other higher level languages to my list. More recently, I have taken college courses in Java and JavaScript.
When I bought my first "PC" in 1995, it came with Windows 3.11 and I immediately upgraded it to Windows 95. In the process, I had to flash the BIOS and upgrade several components to make it fully functional. From about 1999 to 2005, I custom built all of my computers. During this time I modified motherboard BIOSes by integrating OEM feature ROMs into them, performed BIOS "hot-flash" recovery procedures, and modified many other aspects of my computers. Since 2005, I have chosen to use HP / Compaq branded computers for my computing needs and have been satisfied with their products.

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