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Cheryl.jpgComputers have been a hobby for quite sometime. I soon became the family/friends go-to for PC help.It was while troubleshooting an issue that I first visited a help forum.


The wonderful Windows people I met there and the things they accomplished in helping others really impressed me. I also noticed that I knew answers for many of the problems posted there. So my 'journey' began into online help forums.

An active participant in online forums since 2002 I have made friends from around the world. I have gained a lot from other members, as well as given my best effort in helping others to have the best Windows experience possible.

It has been a great honor to receive recognition with the MVP Award 2010-2014


I have also earned the badge of "HP Expert" in the HP Consumer Support Forums. I had a wonderful time in Sept 2012 when I and another forum member was invited by HP to attend the AARP convention in NOLA. My main focus was engaging attendees and showing them the benefits and pleasures of online forums.I also did some interviews with bloggers,etc about my passion for helping folks I had never seen.


Shlomil.JPGI always liked tinkering with computers and consumer electronics to see how they worked and how I could fix them.

I am currently a technical mentor in a customer support center in my country. (A technical mentor is the person the support agents go to when they get stumped.) I have supported HP printing products for the last six years.

I joined the forum years ago. I wanted to share my knowledge of HP printing products and would log in after work to help get people printing again.


As you would expect, I spend much of my time on the printing boards of the HP Support Forums, mostly in HP software products for both Windows and Mac environments. I also hang out on Apple’s community in the various printing sections.

I love being involved in social media. I got together with some friends and launched a forum focused on electronic music. It has grown through the years and now has 20,000 active members.


I love listening to music and staying current with the constant changes and evolutions in music. I also enjoy movies, TV, and playing with my dogs.


 Kalt.JPGI officially started out my IT career in a mom and pop computer shop being guided by my brother-in-law who also worked there (and got me the job).  Years later, I moved on to providing consumer support at a call center.  I am currently working for a start-up business telecommunications company and Internet Service Provider. (We also do IT/Networking).  I am the jack of all trades type and master of some.

I understand how frustrating it can be to search for an answer to a problem and find none.  With my skills, many of the answers are found easily so I just connect the person to the answers and make sure they get what they need. 

I occasionally post over at Microsoft, Ubiquiti, and DSL Reports.  HP is the #1 place to find me if you're seeking help.  


I prefer the notebook or desktop boards on the HP Support Forum while occasionally venturing into other various product support sections.  I like the odd problems as long as there’s plenty of information to start with.  Every now and then I like supporting products I don't usually help with because it gives me the opportunity to read the manuals and learn something new.

I love traveling (business, pleasure, web) and being an amateur photographer.  I enjoy all sorts of activities - hiking, live music (mostly rock), watching movies, playing games, etc.


wb2001.JPGI am a computer hobbyist. I started in the 1980's with Commodore 64/128/Amiga and bought my first HP desktop, which was Windows 98, in 2000.

You can find me on Desktop Other and Hardware boards on the HP Support Forum. I occasionally frequent the Desktop OS and Printer boards as well.


I enjoy solving problems, and I do that on the forums as well as in the community where I live. Living in a 55+ community in the southern US, I am the "go to person" for computer help. People with computer issues can sometimes be taken advantage of and senior citizens are no exception.


In my spare time, I rebuild donated computers and give them to people in my community or church youth centers.


Manjutech.JPGI am a software engineer at HP and am Microsoft MCSE certified. I also have plans of completing my storage certification.


When I first began my career, I really had tough times learning and understanding the inner workings of computers. I had great mentors who taught me. Without their help I would not be here today. That is the reason I love to teach others and help people to resolve their issues.

Helping people makes me happy. I am even happier when they go away with a smile on their face.

I am expanding my technical knowledge and “enabling” myself through some certification programs. Once I expand my knowledge, I will be able to help more people.


I spend most of my time on the notebook and desktop PC boards HP Support Forum and have Bachelor of Business Administration degree.


ITWinSec_EN_AlexanderS..jpg I am part of HP’s Enterprise Systems (ES) security team and have always worked in IT. I have certificates for MCP, MCTS, MCITP, MTA, CompTIA (Computing Technology Industry Association), etc.


I like helping people solve their technical issues as quickly as possible. Friends and clients call me “Ambulance” and “Walking Helpdesk.”


I focus on notebooks, tablet PCs, Windows operating systems and other security related issues. On the HP Support Forum, I spend much of my time on the notebook and desktop PC boards.


I spend part of my free time online answering questions and reading various sites — making sure that I stay up to date. I am still studying at the university (distance learning IT). This also keeps me busy — two more years left.


I spend the rest of my time with my family and friends, watching cinema movies, or swimming.



Capture.JPGAfter earning a college degree in a completely unrelated area, I landed in a new field: computers.


At the time, those of us in the nascent field did not know we would eventually be called IT. We actually spent time in staff meetings trying to decide in which department we should be listed and what to name ourselves.


I was privileged to work in a tough field with some wonderful people at a great time in high-tech history. I have a great deal of respect for anyone who is brave enough to challenge the technology field today.



I have always worked with HP products and dedicate a fair amount of my time to the HP Support Forum because being a volunteer expert is a natural extension of my IT craft.


I am ever at my best when I am helping someone. I believe that is true for all of us.


Jabzi.JPGI have a Bachelor of Science degree in Information Technology.


I earned my diploma in Computer Science and Engineering, and I am an HP Certified Technical Mentor. [A Certified Technical Mentor is the highest level of certification HP offers its top support professionals in contact centers.]


I have a passion towards helping customers and getting back a smile from them, which they deserve.


I want to become a college professor, and I would like to get into R&D for HP Printers.


Ping-Pong [table tennis] is my hobby.


My hero is Batman: “It’s not who I am underneath, but what I do that defines me.”


Someday, I would like to see a “HappyApp” — an app [computer application] that can make a human happy.


Capture.JPGMy first introduction to computers was the Apple][. I used to walk miles from school to a shop where they would let me use it for hours. Shortly after that I got my own VIC-20, then C=64. I taught myself binary, octal and hexadecimal as well as 6502 machine language and BASIC. In high school, I took computer courses using the TRS-80 series of computers, adding Z-80 machine language and other higher level languages to my list. More recently, I have taken college courses in Java and JavaScript.


I came to the HP Support Forum in July 2011 to get help resolving a BIOS flash gone bad on one of my HP computers. While I didn't get the BIOS issue resolved immediately, I did notice I could help many other customers with their issues. I started providing assistance to those I could and got hooked. I spend much of my forum time answering questions in most of the desktop boards and some of the laptop / notebook boards. I enjoy sharing my technical knowledge with others and guiding customers to a resolution with their issues.



I used to write application software in COBOL, FORTRAN, PL/I and NATURAL before moving to SAS. Because of my knowledge in these software languages, I started working on Y2K fixes in early 1998. This work evolved, and today I focus on increasing performance and reliability in my company's data center.


My second laptop was an HP nx8220.  It had a problem reading higher capacity SD cards. I got help from an HP forum and I wanted to give back and so I joined this community in 2009.


I come to the HP Support Forum to learn and to help others get more from their investment in HP products.


I like to solve notebook problems. However, I find myself in the printer boards more and more.


I'm also an active member and moderator of a Vietnamese forum. I normally contribute to 2 sections: laptops and photography.


Capture.JPGI started with Compaq/HP in July of 2000 working as a phone support technician and have been involved in support and quality since then. I have a patent for software, certified as MCSE back on Windows 2000, A+, N+, and a now outdated CNA.


I like to jump into the forums to share what knowledge I have. I am focused on notebooks and tablets. I also help out with BIOS issues. A resolution or thanks from a customer can make my day.


At HP, I work within the group that is very competitive with each other. We like to compare our resolution rates and kudos.


Paul.JPGI served in the United States Coast Guard for 20 years in a variety of command and staff assignments. After retiring from the service, I worked for the American Red Cross in human resources and financial management positions for 16 years. I have recently retired from employment with the American Red Cross.


I posted my first question in 2007 on the HP Business Support Forum regarding upgrading a processor in my HP d530 CMT. From there, I began to answer questions I saw regarding the d530.  As I grew more knowledgeable, I answered questions regarding other HP business desktops and notebooks. In 2010, I then found the HP Consumer Support Forum, and began to answer questions there. I have learned a great deal from our other forum members, and this helps me to help others.


Kamat.JPGI work as a Product Support Engineer at HP and have a Bachelor of Computer Applications degree.


I have a strong desire to help people in need. I practice this ideology both in real and virtual world.


 I like creating solutions to problems which have no answer. When I come across a post, I measure how difficult or complicated the problem is from 1-10. Anything 7 and above gets my attention.


You will find me on boards where people are posting about Notebook, Printers and mobile devices. 


goodie.JPGAfter spending seven years in night school, I earned my Bachelor of Science in Computer Science degree. My industry experience was seven years in disk and mass storage engineering as a diagnostic engineer and thirty years in a large scale IT operation. I retired as the Chief Technical Officer.


I spent four years in the US Navy; two years as an electrician and two years as an electronic technician.


Huffer.JPGI am an attorney. I handle litigation throughout the US for insurance companies so I travel a fair amount and depend on my computer to keep me connected and productive. As my firm grew so did our computing needs. I ended up becoming my own IT department. I also had a hobby business for a while buying, refurbishing and selling laptops on eBay back before they were readily available to the public.

I simply enjoy solving people's problems and empathize with the unique frustration caused when a computer won't do what it is supposed to do.


VisonAiry.JPGI am a certified service technician on all brand-name printers, copiers and production machines. I used to work for HP and was also in the Army Reserve with a focus on Chemical Electronic Equipment Repair as well as Journalism. I also have a Technical Degree in Audio Engineering and Production.

I enjoy writing, helping others, and teaching. I feel like I can make a global contribution on the HP Support Forms which is why I am here. Upset customers and unresolved issues give me a heavy heart so I like to reach out to them and see if I can help. I believe humor (and caring) is the best medicine for them.

I am drawn to the really tough posts (ones that haven’t been answered) specifically failed installs, network issues, taking printers apart, and tricks-of-the-trade.

I am also a music lover. I promote bands locally and offer free assistance on how to make a better recording, book the next gig, or just help set up and tear down the stage after the shows. I always help when I can!


Wyrenut.JPGI'm a Maintenance Electrician/Electronic Technician and have dabbled in inventing.


My work involves installing and troubleshooting computers, PLC's (the brains of modern factory machinery), phone systems, and power distribution from 70,000 volts down to 4-20mA control.  I invented a clip-on microphone for the Palm T5/TX series of PDA's and had customers at MIT, NASA, Cambridge University, and the Ames Research Center.


I have enjoyed online communities from the days of my Apple iie and a 300 baud modem!  As technology progressed, I adopted the Palm PDA line and became fascinated by what these little marvels could do.  I was constantly trying to push their limits and sought out insight and suggestions from Palm's Community Forum.  I found myself answering more questions than asking and liked the feeling.  I'm a firm believer that kindness is always repaid, and that one can never put too much "Karma in the Bank".  


Kranz.JPGI am an attorney for a large insurance company.  I primarily supervise and manage the investigation of crime and fraud losses suffered by financial institutions and large commercial companies.


Spending time on the Forum is an extension of my handheld computing hobby.  I started as a Palm hobbyist, looking for cool new things to do with my Palm devices.  It got to be fun answering other people's questions.


Auntie Em.JPGI work at HP as a Technology Marketing Engineer on low-end LaserJet printers. I started supporting the software, documentation, training and anything else Windows related. As the kinds of devices that HP printers connected to changed, so did my job. It has now morphed into working on with an array of mobile devices across iOS, Android, and Windows 8. (Yes, I have plenty of mobile devices to play with).


funk_gene.jpgI began using computers in 1984 when I got a Macintosh 128k with a 64k ROM chip.  As soon as I started working on it, I was hooked and wanted to learn everything that I could about the hardware, how it worked, and how to diagnose problems.  I knew that the more I learned today, the more frustration I would avoid tomorrow.  This is why I began building computers several years ago -- to learn how they are put together.


Capture.JPGI’m currently self-employed and partner in a small business. My previous employment has included work for a couple of large chemical manufacturers and a short spell as a civil servant.  I bought my first computer at college in 1983 and together with a group of friends, wrote a game in a mixture BASIC and Assembly Language which sold 3 copies!!


I’ve always enjoyed problem solving and HP has created a great forum environment for this.



Picture1.jpgI am an FCC certified Communications technician\Radio Telephony license holder and an FAA Airframe & Powerplant certificate holder. I have an Associate degree in Aviation Electronics. I retired from the US Coast Guard as an Avionics Electrical Technician. I was trained to be an expert electronics systems troubleshooter to component level by the U.S. Navy's Advanced Avionics and Computer Systems Maintenance  "B" school.


I enjoy tinkering with computer operating systems and dissembling and reassembling any hardware device that interests me. I have quite a bit of experience with Unix, Linux, MS-DOS and all Windows variants since Windows 3.0. I have been building my own PCs and overclocking them since 1991 and have a habit of dual booting most of my computing devices including my HP TouchPad and Nook+HD tablets.


Picture1.jpgYou will generally find me in the HP Support Forums or the Microsoft Answers Forums. My main areas of expertise are HP inkjet printers and print cartridges. In my past Iife I was a project manager at Hewlett Packard responsible for printer/cartridge system interaction for integrated printhead systems. I designed some of the technology that goes into inkjet printers and have several patents. I retired in October 2005 after 29+ years at HP.



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