Elitebook 8440p display freezing
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Re: Elitebook 8440p display freezing

What you are describing sounds like graphics TDR - Timeout Detection and Recovery. Basically Windows detect the graphics driver didn't respond in time (for 2 seconds), and decided to restart the video. During which, the screen maybe blank - video being restarted.

This could be caused by graphics mode, or 3D games (they tends to over drive the graphics), and old CAD programs. It could also be the graphics driver has issues. And could be graphics hardware/bios setting.

If these are TDR, there should be system event logging and memory dumps in this folder: C:\Windows\LiveKernelReports\WATCHDOG

Please read the post on top of this board (from Sanchertx) if you need HP help to exam the dumps.

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Re: Elitebook 8440p display freezing

I posted a fix for seats4couches issue here;


You guys should try and see if that fix work for you or not. I dont trust those power saving features for graphics drivers...

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Re: Elitebook 8440p display freezing

Hi guys,


Same Issue here. We bought 100 Laptops. 50 of the Laptops got the Driver Version installed. This Laptops have no freezes, no BSOD, not the problem that the display resolution ends up at 800x640 on 8 bit or the problem that the screen looks like the photo of seatsr4couches.


But the driver has the problem, that if the laptop monitor goes to sleep a black screen appears and you can’t get the windows or login mask back. Sometimes it helps to close and open the laptop again.


The other 50 laptops have these issues.


The problem mostly appears on Excel and PowerPoint. The people with the most problems move the whole day through the office, so kamikaze I will test your fix for 10-20 people with the most crashes.


At the moment we stand in touch with HP, we got beta drivers with version 5355 and a beta BIOS with version 3.12. The video driver creates big performance issues on the laptops. It’s like you have “no” RAM – it takes 20-30 Minutes to open the control panel and remove the driver…

The newest official HP Driver has the Version 5338, this Driver shows problems with scrolling in firefox & ie on external monitors, it’s like assembly levels. It also doesn’t solve the problems above.


I don’t know if the problem appears on windows 7 machines, but we don’t have the option to test this yet.


It seems to be a problem with the HD graphic, we have also 2530p with the same issues, but not such often. The 8540p have other issues, I think that’s because of an Nvidia graphic card inside. Here the programs closes automatically when it crashes. But the system loads the driver again and when it crashes you can save everything you worked at.



PS: Sorry for the bad English, I’m from Germany.

PPS: Our guys in UK only have the driver version 5179 and no problems so far. Only if they connect with SMS to the clients… then a BSOD appears.

PPPS: If you got a BSOD with a docking station – disable the serial port in the BIOS.



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Re: Elitebook 8440p display freezing

This is how i was recovering from mine. You're right about the connection only staying up for a few min's though.

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