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G60 214 laptop screen flickering.....HELP!!!!!



I have had my HP G60 laptop since march this year and within the last few months the screen has become a bit loose and has started to flicker from the windows screen (or any page i have open) to a black screen. It only really seems to do it while i have the laptop on my knees, it doesnt do it on a solid surface, i think this is due to the slight movement in the lid as i type.

It is really annoying (as you can imagine) and i cant be doing with it!

Are there any solutions to this problem? It is still under warranty but will this problem be covered? I need to get this sorted because while iv been writing this post it has been flickering constantly.


Thankyou very much

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Re: G60 214 laptop screen flickering.....HELP!!!!!

I have had the same problem, I contacted hp, they stated to shut down, remove battery, power back up with only the power cord and shut down again.  Once shut down and remove the power cord. Press and hold the power button to remove all of the energy in the computer.  Put battery back in and tap F10 and restart using default settings. 


This worked for a short time only to have it start over again.  I am in the same boat as yourself and need help it is under warranty, when I push the screen fully forward the flickering stops......



I need help, as this is driving me nuts,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 

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Re: G60 214 laptop screen flickering.....HELP!!!!!

ok guys , the screebn flickering many at times is due to the problem of an old BIOS and video driver...go and install the latest driver from for BIOS and video driver....also make sure whether the lines are horizontal and are flickering or not????? try plugging in an external monitor and check the display.....

although i am an HP employee i speak for myself and not HP
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Re: G60 214 laptop screen flickering.....HELP!!!!!

I have owned my G60-237 laptop a year this past April and I to am having the same problem with the constant flicker and its driving me crazy. I have had to send my laptop to HP 2x now for different issues and the last time I got it back is when this started to happen. I have updated the video driver and the bios and with no success the constant flickering is still there. What is the next step or option ????

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Re: G60 214 laptop screen flickering.....HELP!!!!!

Hi , I have had 3 G60 laptops in for repair with the same problem with screen flicker and in all cases it's down to the screen cable, the wires inside  the connector from the board to the screen just become brittle and snap.

The only way to cure this is to have the cable replaced.

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Re: G60 214 laptop screen flickering.....HELP!!!!!

This can be a dangerous situation! Here are some pictures of what happened to my G60 if you ignore the screen flickering!

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Re: G60 214 laptop screen flickering.....HELP!!!!!

I know this is now almost 2 years since the previous posting, but it still applies no matter what period of time since the computer issue is current.
I have a G60 630US, with the screen flickering on and off, along with incorrect colors and bad resolution; All of which would change to different degrees, with opening it to various angles. I downloaded the HP Support Assistant, performed the video driver and bios update and directed earlier in this thread. The opened it up to check the LCD video cable and shown in the pictures from KK1L. If I squeezed the cable in different spots in the area where it flexes when the computer is opened or closed, the screens acts up. I peeled open the conduit to find four broken wires. The cable number on my unit is 50.4AH19.002.
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