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HP Mini screen resolution

I d love to find a way to change my HP Mini's maximum resolution to 1024x768 so that i can run the apps i want.

I know the max res is 1024x576.I dont know if there is even a way to have fake maximum resolution.

Thank you very much in advance.

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Re: HP Mini screen resolution

no you cannot go higher than the native resolution...you can go lower but then it is not a 1:1 pixel ratio and looks blurry. Consider a "real" laptop to do anything but web surfing and email. Netbooks look real cool until it is the only computer you have to try to get work done with or do any serious computing.
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Re: HP Mini screen resolution

well.., im not dreaming of using my hp mini to develop computer games or design 3d graphics.

...i just need to install my hp f2100 printer [+ scanner], but still it won't do because it requires minimum of 800x600 screen resolution.

it is a shame that hp products posses lack of compatibility among each other.

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Re: HP Mini screen resolution

I have a program with a nonscrollable window that would cut off at the bottom of the screen on my 1030NR. Here is my work around: (1) Right click desktop to set properties. Choose settings tab. Select advanced. Change DPI to custom and select 75% (72dpi). Allow computer to restart for settings to take affect. This will allow the full window to display.


To make fonts more readable in their smaller size, (2) return to properties and select appearance tab. Choose extra large fonts. (3) Select effects, then under the "use the following method to smooth edges of screen font" check box select ClearType.


This will produce small, but readable text and the window will fit on the little screen of the netbook. Leave screen resolution set at 1024x600 pixels. Hide task bar to get even more usable screen space.
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Re: HP Mini screen resolution

[ Edited ]

I have a HP Mini 110-3500 running Windows 7   ... the max. screen resolution selectable is 1024 x 600.   I found that  .....

1) Run regedit
1a) If you are not on higest tree level by clicking on “Computer” from key tree
2) Search and modify all values “Display1_DownScalingSupported” from “0″ to “1″
3) Restart the system
4) Enjoy the two new resolutions: 1024×768 px and 1152×864 px


I can now easly change to higher resolutions when needed and back to 1024 x 600 for general use.    ...

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Re: HP Mini screen resolution

Works like magic. Thanx edwmax
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Re: HP Mini screen resolution

pls can u give me full details of how to do that? Am a novice, but would like to know to increase my screen resolution, please.
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Re: HP Mini screen resolution

Right click on the Desktop.Click on properties>settings>Advanced>Monitor 

and uncheck th "Hide modes that this moniter can't display" and choose the resolutiuon you want in the settings tab by moving the slider.


Worked for me. Hope that helps.

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Re: HP Mini screen resolution

It also works with Windows 8, little bit changes the way it looks but still works good. 

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Re: HP Mini screen resolution

Dear Sir,


I bought windows 8 for my Mini HP., and could not open some application beacuse the screen resoulation.,

what I have to do in this regard.,



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