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vertical/horizontal white lines

I have an HP Pavilion dv6748us laptop with Windows 7 64-bit.


About a week ago, after the laptop had been on for over an hour, a bunch of small white lines appeared all over the screen and I was unable to do anything.  After about 5-10 seconds it went away.  This happened every other day or so until yesterday when the lines stayed on the screen for over a minute.  I turned off the computer and turned it back on and while I heard the normal sounds of the boot-up process, I saw nothing on the screen and within three seconds the computer turned itself off, and then turned itself back.  After three seconds of nothing, it turned itself off again, and basically kept going in a vicious cycle.  I was able to force it off completely though.


Anyone have an experience such as this or any ideas?  This possibly just a loose wire or am I looking at a dead screen and/or hardware failure?



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Re: vertical/horizontal white lines

i have a dv9535nr and had the same thing happen to me. after a little research it happens a lot to hp laptops. its the motherboard overheating. meaning even if you reinstall windows like hp tells you to it still happens. because of this i am out a $1600 laptop...
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Re: vertical/horizontal white lines

Yes. The same thing happened to me. If I was working on something important like a paper, I got into the habit of making my external monitor my main desktop and the laptop screen my extended desktop. I found that this was only a dislplay problem, as I could still access and use all my files on the external monitor. Closing and opening the lid would work sometimes (after a few tries) and others I had to full on restart the computer. I have yet to find a solution to this and since I can't risk the screen freaking while I take an exam, I have to buy a new laptop even though my dv6700 is only 2.5 years old. Obviously my next computer won't be an hp.

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Re: vertical/horizontal white lines

I have a Pavilion g7 with essentially the same problem.  The screen turns white at unpredictable moments (sometimes at startup, other times in the middle of a process).  I will fold up the device and wait a few minutes, reopen it and it will (most times) restart.  I'm going to bring it into a service center because this is a new notebook and it's becoming increasingly irritating.  If you get an answer from HP, I'd like to hear it.

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Re: horizontal white lines




I'm using a HP laptop for the cople of years now and was really good. Now suddenly there is some white horizola lines appearing on the screen. and its look likes these are widen up when i used to. If anyone can advise on the same would be a great help.



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Re: horizontal white lines

I reported a similar (not identical) problem - see above thread.  My laptop's video board was replaced, which resolved the issue.

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Re: horizontal white lines

Hello @Niva,


I understand you are having an issue with white horizontal lines on the screen, is that correct? I will try to assist you with this issue.


I saw you posted this issue about 4 days ago, is your computer still suffering from this issue?


Please respond back at your earliest convenience.


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