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Laptop will not turn on


I have a Compaq Presario CQ50-107NR laptop. Last night mne and my brother were using it and then poof!, it turned off. I was pretty sure that it overheated because the bottom was very hot and this had happened many times before. So i took out the battery to let it cool faster. When it was cool, i tried to turn it on to no avail. I plugged it into the wall and it still didn't turn on. The charge light comes on but it seems to be not working. I almost always use it plugged in. It shut down by itself 2 times to day, but the third time it doesn't come back to life. Did I fry the motherboard? Please help. 

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Re: Laptop will not turn on


Use hard reset...remove battery and AC power,  hold the power button for 30sec to 1min so it clear the remaining power..now put on AC power card without battery and press power button..it should work.

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Re: Laptop will not turn on

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The presence of unnecessary Windows files on your system may often create certain problems.


Some unnecessary files loaded on your system during start up include Windows sound, Windows fonts, Windows components.


Due to the presence of these unnecessary files, your HP Laptop may not come on.


In order to avoid this problem, the removal of extra files is very important.


Get more information to fix HP Laptop Start up problems :



Hope this information helps you.


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Re: Laptop will not turn on

does that work for all the lap top? because i have one that it doesnt turn on and when i hit the power button i see a white screen. why is that?

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Re: Laptop will not turn on

So yesterday I turned off my laptop and later I went to turn it back on. I opened it up and it started installing some HP Bite software and I didn't know what it was so I turned off my laptop. Now if I try to turn it on the screen is completely black, and sometimes it won't even turn on. What should I do? I tried taking out the battery and leaving it alone for the night but it still won't work. I've also just left it alone and it's still not working. If anyone has answers I need the help!!!

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Re: Laptop will not turn on

My laptop is a HP. Once in a while it will stop turning on. My mom would bring it back to the person she bought it from and he would usually fix it. However my mother believes that asking the man that fixed it again to fix it will be a burden so i have to figure this out. Please help. 

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Re: my hp mini

my hp mini is not turning on..the power light is turning on then a seconds it will turn off, on and off repeatedly with a black display /nothing...just the power light..pls help

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Re: my hp mini

do hard reset....still not working....remove hardisk and ram carefully..and replace it...then try to turn on... it will work......because it worked for me......

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Re: Laptop will not turn on

Presario f750us.   will not turn on. was okay last time I used it. Now I get the power supply light and when I hit the ON button I just get a brief flash from power, hard drive and cd led's. No other led's flash and no fan or drive noise!

has anyone any ideas? please help 

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Re: Laptop will not turn on

I have possibly the same problem.  I have an HP Compaq Presario F700  aka F759WM.  My computer was working fine.  I shut the lid to bag it up but when I opened it up to start it, it wouldn't start up.  I had it plugged in and the light was on where the AC adaptor plugged in but the only thing it would do is repeatedly start running for about two seconds and then shut down.  It would then attempt to start back up for about two seconds and repeat the cycle.  Following an online suggestion, I pulled out he AC adaptor and the battery, held in the power button for about 30 seconds, and then plugged the battery and AC back in.  I still have the light at the AC and a light at the lightning bolt on the front but now it does nothing.  No fan, no sound of running, nothing.  I pulled out the ram, the hard drive, and the internal battery.  No luck.  I heard batteries sometimes can short out so I replaced the battery.  No luck.  Looking for the next possible solution now.  I have difficulty believing it's the motherboard as it was working fine prior to closing the lid and even I know that if nothing is running, than nothing should have failed mechanically.  Any assistance would be appreciated.  Hopefully this gives someone else some other ideas to try.

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