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Battery not charging on 8460P

Is there a percentage the battery has to drop to before it will start charging on an 8460P laptop? The power management notifications states that the laptop is plugged in but not charging. I have replaced the battery, charger, docking station, and uninstalled power management, but everything still shows the same thing. My only other viable option is there is a certain percentage the battery has to reach before it will start charging again. Has anyone else encountered this and if so what is the percentage and can it be changed? 

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Re: Battery not charging on 8460P



I also have had the same problem on two different models.  The 8460 and 8560.  The 8460p the user would report it showed the battery at 71% but never would charge over that.  Whether it was in the docking station or outside with an adapter it would still report 'Plugged in, not charging'

After switching adapters, docking station etc basically all the same troubleshooting you did.. I finally just swapped it out with another 8460.  He has since reported he is charging properly. 

I am now checking the BIOS version to see if perhaps the most updated one fixes the issue.  However, I do not think this will be the case as I have done 50 of these laptops from 8460 + 8560, all with the same image, so if in fact it was a BIOS Rev, i would have 50 people coming back to me with the same issue..  I am thinking it is a defect in the system board.  I will reply again once I have updated the bios and reimaged the laptop and let you know what I find.  Maybe HP can chime in and inform us if this is a factory problem or what have you.



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Re: Battery not charging on 8460P

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I reimaged and updated the BIOS.  Still says Plugged in, not charging.


Also just got another three with the same issue.


We ordered about 50 of these laptops, and so far about 5-6 have this issue.  That percentage is completely unacceptable.  Its almost as bad as all our 50 6930p's having the batteries crap out after less th an a yr.

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