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HP 530 Won't Boot-up

I have an HP 530 NoteBook PN# GH635AT that will not boot. Not sure if it's the power supply at this point. When plugged in I don't get any lights on the system indicating that it's charging. When I depress the power button for 5 seconds and release it the power light at the front of the laptop flashes 6-8 times,


Any thoughts?


Thank you.

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Re: HP 530 Won't Boot-up

My HP530 Notebook is doing the exact same thing.

I am in the process of buying another battery to see whether this rectifies the problem.

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Re: HP 530 Won't Boot-up

Have you ever tried to turn ON the unit only with Ac power, i mean without the battery connected try to turn it ON and if that still does not turn on Replace teh Ac adapter
Along with the issue,if you can also add the Product# and OS it will help us to serve you better
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Re: HP 530 Won't Boot-up

It seems as if the HP530 will not allow to boot if the battery is disconnected.

Just flashes the same error code on the front panel LED's......

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Re: HP 530 Won't Boot-up

same exact problem with mine.


HP 530 notebook


no power - 6 or 8 LED yellow flashes every single time



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Re: HP 530 Won't Boot-up

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s/n <text removed for privacy>

p/n KQ630AA#ABU


Windows Vista


Same thing here.


Hit the power button and the LED, front left, flashes eight times then nothing.


Anyone know  why and how to fix?


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Re: HP 530 Won't Boot-up



I've had a number of problems with my HP530.


Firstly, it would be plugged in and say 'plugged in, not charging' and completely run out of battery and turn off.


Then I got to a stage when my charger was plugged in it wouldn't register as being plugged in.


Next my laptop started turning itself off and I kept turning it back on, for it to turn itself off again.  So I thought that the battery had gone maybe.  I tried it on AC.  same problem.  at this point it wouldn't switch on atall.  No lights, nothing.


It was left for over a week and some how I managed to get it back on!  However I'm having the same problem with it suddenly turning itself off.


I took it to a computer specialist yesterday, who said it's the motherboard and it's not worth replacing.  HP laptops are well known for their motherboard problems he said!


So yeah, get in touch with HP maybe, but sounds like you might need a new laptop unfortunately


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Re: HP 530 Won't Boot-up

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Hi everybody,


Here also the same problem. 8 time the power led flashes and nothing else. I already have disassembled the whole machine, removed the date/time battery for half and hour and put everything in place again. Still the same problem.


What caused the problem i don't know. The only information i have is that the computer was turned on, she fell asleep, so did the computer (it was working on the baterry only. After she woke up, the computer was dead.


S/N [text removed for privacy]


Tagnummer: H530FFUC440W580XCg51Aa

OS Vista


With regards,


Marco van Groos

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Re: HP 530 Won't Boot-up


I have same problem:

With battery and no AC power --> 7 times blinking yellow, 1 time green-->yellow light.

I have disassembled the whole computer and remove rts battery for about 10 min; put back everything; tried again and still the same problem.

With AC power and without battery --> no light. not even power led button.


S/N CND7442N7D


H 530FFUC440W580XCg51Fa


Regards, Vojkan.


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Re: HP 530 Won't Boot-up

I had exactly the same problem and it was solved simply by replacing the AC adapter. It seemed that the older AC adapter did not have enough power for the laptop even though it did work well in charging the battery.

You might want to read a related page here:


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