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HP Envy 17 (3070NR) and Proximity Sensor Not Working



We just purchased a HP Envy 17 3070NR laptop here in January of '12.  Upon receiving, we noticed the keyboard stays illuminated at all times.  The proximity sensor should be detecting when a user is not infront of the laptop and turn off the backlit keyboard among other items. 


Upon calling tech support, they remoted in and checked the configuration of the HP Proximity Utility (which was set correctly) and suggested a wipe and reinstall from the recovery discs.  This was performed and no change in behavior.  Upon calling tech support again, I was informed this was a common problem on the late model HP Envy (2012 line) - was curious if this was really the case.


As I have 2 weeks left in my return period, if I can't get this resolved in the next day or so its going back.  No need to pay top dollar to troubleshoot and beta test a product if it's truly impacting all the late model Envy lines...

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Re: HP Envy 17 (3070NR) and Proximity Sensor Not Working





The 3070NR went back to HP under their 21 day return policy.  I decided to go to the 3090NR based off an offer HP enticed me with to remain loyal to the brand.  The 3090NR arrived, dead pixel in the lower left, and on the second day...90B ERROR.  


Tech support had me to a manufacturing reset using a key combination on boot but that didn't help.  Needless to say, it's going back and I'm going elsewhere.


On a positive note..this one did have a working proximity sensor...:smileywink:

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Re: HP Envy 17 (3070NR) and Proximity Sensor Not Working

I'm not sure things are better now in 2013.  I ordered an HP Envy 17"  17Tj000, with backlit keyboard, and supposedly a proximity sensor.    I couldn't get the proximity sensor to work, if it even has one.  I downloaded the utility to control it, since it wasn't loaded on the system.   The utlity functioned, but the sensor did not.


So I called HP, and they politely showed me how to touch the backlight key.  I explained that I knew how to turn it off and on, but I wanted the proximity sensor to work, etc. etc.   After about 45 minutes, the support person said it must be a BIOS issue.  They loaded new BIOS, and that was the end of the machine.  Could not boot, could not restore old BIOS (tried hitting windows key + B), and the machine had to go back.    Great support!


So...I could order it again....but is there any way to know if the system actually comes with a proxmty sensor????  WHere is it located?   I  looked at a maintenance and service guide for this model, and I didn't see where it mentioned a proximity sensor.

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