How to increase the fanspeed on HP Pavilion dv7-4179eb (394 Views)
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How to increase the fanspeed on HP Pavilion dv7-4179eb



I own a HP Pavilion dv7-4179eb.

Since purchase date, about one year ago, the laptop always got extremely warm even when idle.


What I also noticed, is that the CPU fan does not work to full speed. I have looked into the BIOS for particular options, installed the latest BIOS to make sure the option wasn't included later on, but no settings to set the fan speed to 100% is found.

Also when accesing my operating system, Windows 7 64-bit, no such controls can be found in the software provided by HP.


Monitoring the temperatures at summertime, the laptop goes up to 65°C when idle and up to 76°C when browsing the internet. As a result, gaming and advanced program usage is rather tricky at such temperatures.

I do not mind the loud noise the fan produces and I want to operate my system the way I like. How can I increase the laptop fan speed to maximum and keep it that way?



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