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Presario CQ61-305SA not starting

When I try to power on my CQ61 notebook, the battery LED blinks 3 times (The one with the lightning bolt). Can anyone tell me what it means? 


I've tried a hard reset but it makes no difference.  When I use only the power supply, with no battery, nothing happens at all (no LEDs).  I tried 2 different power supplies..


The CPU had some overheating problems before, but after using some fresh heat paste it was working fine for a few months.  Just in case the CPU eventually died, I tried replacing it with another known working spare, but I still have the same 3 blinks.  I also swapped the RAM for a couple of sticks that I know work.


I think I've ruled out the RAM, CPU and power supply as the problem and I'm out of ideas.


Any suggestions would be appreciated.  I kinda grudge binning it without trying some more. :smileyhappy:



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Re: Presario CQ61-305SA not starting

is the a light at the ac adapter port???

- if no and you have tried another ac adapter, that means that the port its self is the problem or the system board...

- battery light blinking because battery has no charge left

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Re: Presario CQ61-305SA not starting

[ Edited ]

The LED on the AC port works as it should.  It comes on when I plug the adapter in.


Also, with the adapter in, the battery LED blinks constantly as if it's charging.  When I try to power on, it blinks 3 times, then returns to the constant slower blinking again..


Edit:  After leaving it charging for a few minutes, the battery LED now stays on solid when plugged in and nothing happens at all when I try to power on.   So it seems that the blinking was because the battery was low. 

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