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Why should the Bios setting on a new Pavilion g6 Notebook be "Always On"= Enabled?

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Hello everyone:


I got my Pavilion g6 notebook about a week ago.

I did a bios upgrade and to this point hadn't been in the bios.


But after upgrading the bios and I went in I noticed a setting that said: System Fan= "Always On"= Enabled?


Can anyone give me a good reason for always having the fan running?

Seems to me that would only wear on a vital peice of equipment?


I've had quite a few laptops and they all automatically turned on and off.

And in my experence the fan was on at least 90% of the time anyway, So if you are lucky enough to get the pc cool enough for the fan to shut off what is it going to hurt?


I run a cooling fan pad underneath it and it has a 220mm fan in it so it gets plenty of air circulation underheath it.


I was just wondering if anyone could explain the reasoning behind this.

And if you may think it be O.K for me to disable this setting in my bios?



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Re: Bios setting question on Pavilion g6 Notebook?

Your call. I agree you should not need the fan always running but HP laptops have a history of running hot so this "feature" has been added to the BIOS and is set to always on by default. It is much cheaper and easier to replace a cooling fan than a motherboard.

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Re: Bios setting question on Pavilion g6 Notebook?

Thanks for your response.


Funny thing though my has not ran that hot.


Wither watching Videos or play a game like Fallout 3 everything on the laptop is always cool to my touch on the top.

Except sometimes by the vent where the fan and exchaust are it maybe lukewarm, I've had other laptops run much hotter.


But Thanks for the input, I think I'll go ahead and turn it back on though.

Better Safe then Sorry....

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Re: Bios setting question on Pavilion g6 Notebook?

Hi there,


I was just wondering how you managed to get Fallout 3 working in the first place! I've been struggling with it on my Pavilion G6-1204sa (i5 processor, 6gb ram etc) in that I have got around the start up crash bug, but it freezes every 5-10 minutes of gameplay. I'm not very tech savvy so just wondering what you did in order to get the thing to work!


Thanks for any help,





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