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dm1z-3000 | SSD drive not found during clean Windows install

Greetings --


Had this dm1z-300 for a few years. Works like a charm for intended purpose (browsing, email, presentations). Wanted to inject a bit of new life in it. Bought SanDISK 120 Gb SSD. Pulled out the old HD (5400 RPM SATA 3), formatted the SSD on another machine (NTSF) before dropping it into the dm1z. Rebooted with Windows 7 Pro installer on USB. Went through the first few steps of the installer fine, but once it gets to the actually installation part (i.e., where it starts copying files), I'm told that 'no drives were found'. 


Drive is fine (tested it using external drive case on a couple of machines), so it isn't the drive. Controller is fine, since everything works great if I put old drive back in place. 


So, whats the problem? Tried jumping into BIOS to see if there was anything I needed to 'change', but the BIOS on this machine is below even rudimentary -- there is absolutely nothing I can find that turns  a HD (or most other devices, for that matter), off and on. 



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Re: dm1z-3000 | SSD drive not found during clean Windows install



1\ put SSD drive back in machine


2\ booted up GParted Live


3\ blew away all the partitions on the SSD -- in other words, returend it to completely unallocated state


4\ rebooted with Win 7 installer on USB -- which now finds the disk.



So, apparently, formatting the drive *before* trying the Windows install is what caused the problems. Of course, your results might vary.


Now, still need to tweak settings onthe SSD, but at least I got past a rather key rate-limiting step (hard to install an OS when it doesn't see the drive! ;-)

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