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dv9700 won't power on -- 3 blinks from battery LED

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We've sent a support email to HP about this, but I'm hoping someone here might have some insight as well.


My HP Pavilion dv9700 laptop died suddenly while I was using it, and I have been unable to get it to power on since. I've tried everything I can think of to bring it back to life. Any ideas what might be the cause of the problem?

With the battery seated, whether or not the laptop is connected to AC power, pressing the power button causes the Battery LED (lightning bolt) to blink 3 times, and then nothing. Pressing either of the QuickPlay buttons (which would normally power it up) causes the same 3-blink result.

If the laptop is connected to AC power, the ring around the power connector lights up. This is the only other response the machine shows to any action.I've tried a Hard Reset (removing AC and battery, then holding the power button for 30+ seconds), unfortunately nothing changed. I've also reseated the hard drives and memory modules, and tried booting with each of the memory modules alone, in turn. No change.

Thinking the problem might be a faulty power adapter (as reported by another dv9700 owner with this problem), I purchased a brand new "HP NOTEBOOK 90W SMART AC ADAPTER" (p/n KG298AA#ABA) and tried using it to power the laptop. No change, still the same 3-blink response when I attempt to turn it on.

When I remove the battery completely and attempt to turn the laptop on (connected to AC power), nothing happens at all -- not even the 3-blink response from the Battery LED. But, considering the LED in question *IS* the Battery LED, it doesn't seem like I can draw very many conclusions from that.

Any suggestions? Has anyone else seen this problem caused by something OTHER than a bad power supply? Any thoughts at all would be greatly appreciated, I'm in a real jam not being able to use this machine!

The specifics on my dv9700 are:
p/n: KL086AV
s/n: <text removed for privacy>

Thanks for your attention!


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[REPAIR OUTCOME] Re: dv9700 won't power on -- 3 blinks from battery LED

I thought others might be interested in how things turned out with this laptop. HP was nice enough to get back to us regarding the issue, however since the unit isn't under warranty it would have been a $400 repair to have them fix it.


We then took it to a local shop (here in NYC), who for a $40 evaluation charge were able to determine that the problem was with the AC circuitry -- the laptop _would_ actually run off of a charged battery, but for some reason wasn't able to charge the battery, nor to run off of AC power. Of course, since we had no way of charging our battery other than in the laptop, this information wasn't much help to us. They offered to repair it by replacing the entire motherboard, which would have cost nearly $300. We decided not to go that route.


My colleague then found an eBay listing for repair services from Florida Motherboard Specialists, down in Miami, FL. They advertised repair service on any motherboard sent to them, at very reasonable prices. So, with some trepidation, we removed the motherboard from the unit, packaged it up securely, and shipped it down to Miami. (The shop was willing to take the entire laptop, but they charge an extra fee if they have to do the motherboard extraction & reinstallation themselves.)


Well, I can't say enough good things about Florida Motherboard Specialists' service! They had the motherboard turned around amazingly fast -- I think it was out of our hands for just over a week, and I shipped it down via UPS ground! -- and for a very reasonable rate (under $100), returned it to us in perfect working order. After reassembly, the system booted right up, and has been working fine ever since. I'm beyond pleased, to put it mildly, and plan to send them another client's dv9720 -- also completely non-functional -- tomorrow.


I don't work for Florida Motherboard Specialists, nor do I benefit in any way from sharing my experience. I'm just a very, very satisfied customer. There's certainly a risk to using them, but if other repair options are too expensive to justify, IMHO it's at least worth considering their service. They can be reached at

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Re: [REPAIR OUTCOME] Re: dv9700 won't power on -- 3 blinks from battery LED

Thanks for responding about your experience. I seem to be having the EXACT same problem as you (all the same symptoms, tried most of the same solutions) so I'll definitely keep this in mind as a possible solution if I can't find a local place to fix it. Thanks very much for providing some hope that the machine isn't completely dead!

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Re: [REPAIR OUTCOME] Re: dv9700 won't power on -- 3 blinks from battery LED

Sorry to hear you're in the same boat. Good luck!


If there's any cause for optimism, perhaps it's the reassurance that I DID send in that second laptop, and FMS is now two for two on the repairs. Both machines have been in regular use since their users got them back, and have been running without incident! So, if anything I'm even more pleased with their service.


...A service which, HOPEFULLY, I'll never need to make use of again! :smileywink:

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Re: [REPAIR OUTCOME] Re: dv9700 won't power on -- 3 blinks from battery LED

I must agree with Ferd NYC, Florida Motherboard Specialists' are wonderful. My HP DV5 died on me, only got a flash of the power button and the unit was overheating. These guys fixed me right up. I had to replace the board, which only cost $175, (HP wanted $400 to look at it). They also discovered my touchpad ribbon was bad. I cannot say enough good things about these guys. I am impressed with the service and the fast shipping.

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Re: [REPAIR OUTCOME] Re: dv9700 won't power on -- 3 blinks from battery LED

same problem....did you ever establish what problem there was on the mother board???



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Re: dv9700 won't power on -- 3 blinks from battery LED

I have the same problem, but accidently found how to get my laptop to work.  Press the Quicktime or DVD player button just to the right of the power button.  Apparently, according to my son who works for HP the wire to the power button needs to be reset or re-attached.  That's all I know for now, but my laptop does turn on.  I even bought a new battery, but didn't need it.

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Re: dv9700 won't power on -- 3 blinks from battery LED


Sometimes the ribbon cable from the power button actually goes bad from being crimped under the cover. I have seen some report changing the cable with the one from the QP and/or DVD button in order to use the power button, or you can replace that cable.

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Re: dv9700 won't power on -- 3 blinks from battery LED



Glad to hear you were able to find a solution for your problem -- but if the QuickPlay buttons worked to power on your laptop, it was definitely not the same problem. As I mentioned in my original post, I tried all of the "standard" buttons for powering on the system; in my case none of them worked. (Yes, the QuickPlay and DVD buttons are documented "standard" power-on methods for the dv97xx models.) If the laptop is exhibiting a motherboard failure of the sort I (and many other users) have faced, there's unfortunately no workaround... it needs to be serviced.


It sounds like your laptop has a bad power button board (and/or cable); fortunately (as you've discovered) that can be worked around. Or, if you wanted a permanent fix, I've seen those replacement parts listed on eBay for fairly little money. (Under $20 US.) The power button board is actually a small, self-contained component, completely separate from the motherboard. So it's actually a pretty easy fix (as laptop repairs go), to simply replace that entire part.

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Re: dv9700 won't power on -- 3 blinks from battery LED

hi srry for bumping this but i have the same problem on my hp g71 so no quick play button.

and i am also not in the USA and i have no way of sending it to FMS ,


could any1 pls try giving a solution? i am pretty handy in re soldering and reflowing so if that is needed no problem.



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