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hp pavillion dv9500 harddisk, speed + other problems

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I time ago mine HP had some problems :smileymad:

I restarted with installing windows 7 again.:smileytongue:

Then I get a lot of problems, it was the hd's that gives the problem :smileysad:

When I look true the hd, I saw it is not the normal SD connection but SATA 7

I have two vertex 3 60 GB SSD and they go in the hd place perfectly.

The problem is the connection to this SSD

I this the good connector?


Will this SSD work with the HP pavillion DV9500?

This SSD is maybe to fast for the HP? max. transfer for the hp is 1.5Gb/sec, I think

How many MB is this?


When I installing Win7 with the newest drivers,

the laptop processors are working +/-50 - to 70% without any program is started!

I have worked more then a week for finding all new drivers, why is HP not with a program to update this drivers automated? The HP updater is working not at all, he said all is ok. But with a drivers programs it finds more then 40 unupdated drivers!


I see that mine laptop is with 2 GB of ram, by startup their is already +90% used.

Is it not better change the ram to 4 GB? for it's only 28$

is this the correct ram?


When I give mine laptop to HP for problems I get it back with a not working DVD drive.

The DVD drive can read CD roms but not read or write DVD's.

What can I do?

Can I change the DVD drive. Are their sold somewhere?

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Re: hp pavillion dv9500 harddisk, speed + other problems

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You have a lot of questions here. First, yes the eBay hard drive connector is the right one and it will work on any SATA drive including SSDs. I believe the DV9500 and higher are SATA 2 interface (3 gb/s), but that is really not important. A 60 gb SSD will not be enough space.


HP has not put out driver updates for that machine for quite a while. I would not put too much stock in those driver updater programs you download from the Internet. In fact, they often contain spyware which might explain why you have high CPU usage. If you can give me the exact model number or at least tell me if it is an AMD or Intel version we can look for better drivers. The big two drivers to be aware of are the chipset and video drivers. If you have the AMD processor the nVidia chipset driver must be loaded specifically. Windows will not pick it up. You definitely need at least 4 gigs of RAM And yes you use DDR2-800 SO-DIMM. Also you should install 64 bit Windows 7.


Here is a DVD burner drive. The faceplate may be a different color but you can swap yours over.


Easy to replace. Just flip the laptop over and look for a single screw in the middle of the bottom panel. It will have a disk icon next to it. Remove the screw and slide out the drive. 


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Re: hp pavillion dv9500 harddisk, speed + other problems

I use drivermax its free and their are no any malware or other spyware with the drivers. I use two antivirus programs and their is none detected.


The speedproblem, in processor use, I see is the most is used by ms searchindexer. When I switch off the searchindexer the processor use drops down. But after a while it switch back on when I use a program. And this happend when I downloaded MS updates. Not with the new drivers!


I use external HD and through network to place big files. Two times 60 Gb is for me enough. The HD drives become verry hot, this is why they fail soon. I hope with the SSD that the problem with the power consumer program searchindexer is better. 


The DVD drive is cheap 14$ but for sending it to belgium 25$, for this price I have a external here. I can search this type who sell it in europe.


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Re: hp pavillion dv9500 harddisk, speed + other problems

Yes I did not know you were in Europe. You can likely find the same device on eBay France or Belgium or Netherlands. The price will be higher but cheaper when you figure in shipping. Good luck. By the way, you do not want multiple antivirus. They tend to battle each other and harm performance. But it is OK to have an anti-malware like Malwarebytes and then an Antivirus.

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Re: hp pavillion dv9500 harddisk, speed + other problems

I'm installed the malware software and I get more then 70 malware faults

I have deleted the problems

They stand in the ms register

After reboot they where all deleted

The malware programe is not for free that is why I uninstalled it.

But the use of processor power stay the same. 


What the anti virus concerns, I have NOD 32 and MS security essentials

you said to uninstall one, wich is better?:smileylol:




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Re: hp pavillion dv9500 harddisk, speed + other problems

I have still problems with the hd 

I'm waiting for the ssd bracket

for security I want made a backup

but the backup program have problems to made a good backup

I tried to made a recovery disk

but I have the problem that it only make on dvd

and the dvd player is defect and mine external dvd don't want to startup with the HP

but with a USB flash it will work

how do I make a recovery disk on the USB flash

I tried it on different ways but it still not working

with the HP program sp45774

I get the message "de brondrive bevat geen HP Recovery-image"

How do I made this HP recovery-image and where?

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