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Cannot boot from recovery DVD - System Recovery - HP Envy 17

I inserted the HP System Restore DVDs in order to reset my HP Envy 17 to its factory defaults in order to get support for some other issues (see "Backstory").  The restore process went fine through the first DVD, asked for the 2nd DVD and made some progress before hanging at the "68% Complete" for over an hour.
The system was unresponsive so I turned off the power in order to restart the process.  (2nd Restore DVD still in the drive) I restart the computer and come to a "Restore Complete" screen that becomes a Windows screen and then the system powers down.  Starting the system now a 3rd time, I'm constantly greeted with a "BOOTMGR is Missing - Press Ctr-Alt-Del to reboot" message.  So I restart, use the Esc key to get to boot options and choose to boot from the Internal CD/DVD Drive.  I still get the "BOOTMGR is Missing..." message.  I restart, go into the BIOS settings, change the boot order to have the CD/DVD Drive come first in the list, save, exit, reboot and *still* get the "BOOTMGR is Missing..." message.
I've tried booting from original Windows 7 startup discs, the other HP Recovery discs, but to no avail.  It appears as though the system is trying to boot from the primary drive regardless of the boot order settings.
Does anyone have any suggestions about how to additionally force the CD/DVD drive to boot.  Or perhaps someone has a suggestion for checking the integrity of the CD/DVD drive to make sure that it's working properly?  (It ejects and takes discs correctly and sounds as though it spins up as it should.)
Thanks, in advance,
== BACKSTORY ============================================
I've been having a number of problems with my HP Envy 17, many seem to revolve around video card drivers.  The problem is that I'd upgraded my version of Windows 7 from the Home version (which the laptop shipped with) to Ultimate edition.  Since the OS had been upgraded, HP support would not provide me with any assistance.
Fast forward to a year later and I decide to just wipe the drives, use the System Restore DVDs to reset everything to factory default and then seek help to resolve these issues.
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Re: Cannot boot from recovery DVD - System Recovery - HP Envy 17



I pulled the primary drive out of the laptop, put it into an external USB dock and reformatted it using a 2nd computer.  After reinstalling it into the Envy and rebooting I am greeted now with a "Not a bootable disk - insert disk and press any key" message instead.


Whether I choose to boot from the Internal HDD or the CD/DVD drive, the message is the same.  I've gone through 5-6 known bootable CD and DVDs and none of them are registering as bootable from startup.  I suspect that something is happening to keep the DVD-Rom from being accessed properly.  It appears in the BIOS settings and as a boot option in the menu for boot order, but no disc registers any kind of bootable scenario.



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